Adrián Gutiérrez: Founder of The Defi Club Where You Learn Everything of the Crypto World

Adrián Gutiérrez: Founder of The Defi Club Where You Learn Everything of the Crypto World

Adrián Gutiérrez Sánchez is the 21 year old expert in decentralized finance (DeFi). He is the co-founder of The Defi Club, the first community and education platform in Spanish where he and other experts share their knowledge in decentralized finance.

Despite his young age, Adrián has a rich academic and professional background. At 17 years old, he and some friends created a technology entrepreneurship. Later, Adrián traveled to Paris and Hong Kong to study programming. 

Luis Tellería, a finance connoisseur, contacted Adrián and introduced him to the world of crypto. “We started learning about the new way of making finance, the new world without intermediaries and where anyone can send and receive money without trusting an institution”.

This is how The Defi Club was born. They teach everything that needs to be learned about the crypto world: blockchain, smart contracts, web3, tokens, cryptocurrencies, decentralized loans, buying crypto assets, NFTs and many more. 

“Our mission is to be the biggest decentralized financial educational platform in Latin America, where students can take advantage of our knowledge and have personal and economic growth in a safe way”, comments Adrián.

Adrián’s impressive resume opened doors for him in stable jobs, but he decided to follow his guts and start an entrepreneurship years before the Defi Club. He invested a lot of money in a marketing agency and other brands and ended up not generating enough profit to cover all expenses. Adrián worried every day thinking that things did not work for him, but he later realized this was a great life lesson.

“Many think that fear can be useful to avoid things we can regret, like a bad investment. Nevertheless, we can have the courage to make decisions with measured risks, which avoids fear taking over our lives”, says Adrián. He also establishes that when he has something in mind, he works to make it happen.

With this mindset, Adrián hopes that the Defi Club can impact entrepreneurs through the content they offer. Particularly, Adrián is interested in NFTs, a topic that is on trend right now. NFTs (non fungible tokens) are digital assets like images, videos or gifs that are unique, non-replaceable, valued in cryptocurrencies.

In his assessment, Adrián teaches companies and individuals how to earn in cryptocurrencies through NFTs, which can help them retain clients, profits, sell assets, even sell or rent properties and position their brand in the crypto industry. If you are interested in learning more about the NFTs benefits with The Defi Club, click here

NFTs are just one of the things they teach; there is much more information. “You can also create your own cryptocurrency to obtain funding for your company, gain significant profit by saving your money in crypto, create paying solutions, and many more in this new industry”, he states.

Adrián wants to keep enriching his platform by looking for new materials and great mentors. He wishes to continue standing out by being an educational platform focused 100% in decentralized finance. They don’t sell resources, they sell access to a community of experts, entrepreneurs and fans of the crypto world so students can have an agreeable, fun and entertaining experience.