Amit Fridman: Using His Story of Financial Success to Help Thousands

Amit Fridman: Using His Story of Financial Success to Help Thousands

Influencer/CEO Amit Fridman, who is the founder of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including the wildly successful ProfitFi, is making waves for revealing the secrets that have led to his success. Amit’s commitment to showing more people how to transform their lives personally, professionally, and financially has led to over 20,000 monthly subscribers to ProfitFi, where he teaches students about options trading, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more. His ability to explain his unique, actionable strategies and willingness to reveal his inspirational life story have resulted in more than 100K Instagram followers. Today, as his companies expand to new locations in London and Dubai and across the United States, Amit remains committed to his dream: empowering everyone to attain financial stability. 

“Too many people feel that they cannot do any better and that they are destined to struggle with their finances,” Amit believes. “I like to sit down with them and tell them how I climbed out of financial insecurity and attained the peace that I have now.” 

He recalls that at age 21, he didn’t have much money in his bank account. What he did have, however, was perhaps just as important – ambition and a dream. 

“I wanted to be able to support myself by being a millionaire,” Amit says. “Trust me, I was far from being one. I got to work on achieving it, though, by entering the business world, where I began manufacturing toys.” 

As Amit worked with suppliers in China and negotiated with Walmart and Toys R Us to place his products on their shelves, he discovered that he had a natural talent for entrepreneurship. He had a lot of ambition and drive, and he wondered if he could succeed in other markets. 

“Real estate was hot back then, so I decided to become a builder in the Philadelphia area,” Amit states. “I really enjoyed buying, developing, and selling properties and networking with the city’s business leaders.” 

With a deeper understanding of both business and real estate, Amit took his skills to New York City, where he identified a gap in the nightlife scene. “There was, of course, no shortage of bars,” he says. “What they did not have, though, was something that was exotic and that would allow customers to unwind in a memorable way, so I created Live Axe. It is the best place in New York City for anyone to throw axes, and it quickly became one of the most popular bars around.” 

2016, he reveals, would change his life and help him empower thousands of people. “I was doing well, but I still wasn’t accomplishing everything I dreamed of doing,” Amit says. “One day, I came across this idea called the Law of Attraction, which basically says that you attract whatever you visualize. If you keep negativity within you, you will see negative results in your life. If you focus relentlessly on your goals, you will attain them.” 

He smiles at the memory of all the vision boards he hung around his home. He developed the habit of reviewing them every morning and evening so that they would stay fresh in his mind. 

“The more I did this, the more I started to experience even more success,” Amit says. “Manifestation is so powerful that even today, I still do this.” 

In 2016, Amit also learned about digital currency, which was relatively unknown back then. While many people were not interested in it, Amit took a closer look and thought it could be the future of society. 

“I foresaw a time when it would have a big impact on industries and our lives, so I began investing in Bitcoin,” he states. “There was very little information on it, so I taught myself the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and created my own short and long-term investment strategies for it.” 

As Amit shared what he had learned with friends and peers, he received more inquiries. He identified a real need among people from all segments of society for information about today’s technology.  

“Whether it was trading, NFTs, options trading, or e-commerce, people were interested but unsure of where to find answers,” Amit remembers. “I believed that it was information that could help them to find their own financial freedom, so I created ProfitFi.” 

Amit brought together a team of expert traders who could teach novices and experts more about copy trading, Amazon stores, flipping houses, NFTs, crypto, and options. ProfitFi also partners with a hedge fund to help more individuals make solid business investments. 

Amit says that in 2023, he will be publishing his first book, which he hopes will help more individuals to find their own financial success. He will go more deeply into his story of transformation and talk about the lessons he has learned along the way, including how crucial it is to talk with as many people as possible and to be willing to learn from everyone. Behind his book will be one message: financial success is possible for anyone no matter where they are in life. 

“Attaining your life goals is possible, especially if you focus on the Law of Attraction and learn about new ideas that can open doors for you,” says Amit. “All you have to do is be willing to name what you really want for yourself and go after it. As my life shows, there is no reason why you cannot be as successful as you dream of being.” 

Millionaire Amit Fridman is a serial entrepreneur, influencer, and thought leader who is helping thousands to experience financial stability for the first time. For more information on his unique trading strategies or on ProfitFi, please see ProfitFi’s website or his Instagram.