An Entrepreneur at a Young Age, Juan Diego Knew He Needed to Help Out His Family with Money. He Did So By Creating His Own Business.

An Entrepreneur at a Young Age, Juan Diego Knew He Needed to Help Out His Family with Money. He Did So By Creating His Own Business.

Juan Diego started off, like many people do, with a decision to go to medical school. With the dream of making more money for himself and his family, he wanted to ensure that everyone was taken care of, so he went off to med school. Unfortunately, this is not what the future had in store for him.

“I was a medical student until my family couldn’t pay anymore and that brought me to make different decisions and paths such as online investments and network marketing! What makes me special? Well I think that I was never the most talented or intelligent, but if something makes me special it is that my 21 year-old self believed that I could be successful and a millionaire,” Juan explains.

Now, Juan runs an e-learning space where he teaches people how to make money in the financial markets. Juan also helps out with one of the best marketing businesses out there. His motivation for beginning his two businesses is when he saw his family going bankrupt and losing money quickly. 

“We are an academy where we teach people how to make profits in the financial markets. Also, I’m involved in network marketing for one of the best models for digital entrepreneurs in my opinion. My very first motivation was my family. I saw my dad going into bankruptcy and we lost our house and cars. I saw my family literally crying because of money problems and that was my breaking point. By that time, I decided to go all in until I could make it happen,” Juan states.

Juan was able to conquer all of the obstacles in his way by having a good mindset and finding a person that you can model. At first, many people in his life rejected his businesses and thought that he would never make it. He overcame the doubts and is now incredibly successful.

“My biggest obstacle were the people rejecting my business ideas and marking fun of me. It was very hard at the beginning, but later on, the biggest challenge was adapting my business to the new digital era and losing half of my sales volume in two months was very tough for us. We overcome this challenge by creating a better system for our students and that hard time made us stronger. Now, we have created a systematic business around the world. For me, mindset is the starting point of any successful entrepreneur. I was never the most talented or the most intelligent, but at 21 I was able to believe that I would become a millionaire someday and that was the only reason I was different from others,” Juan remarks.

For his next projects, Juan plans on starting a new platform for his students. These financial services will help people better understand and take advantage of the market. He has been working hard to run a successful business if in these difficult times.

“We are currently working on some new financial services we are going to launch. This includes a stock platform to help our students to take advantage of this market as well,” Juan says.

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