Andrés Trujillo is a Young Colombian Influencer and Blogger Who Shares His Life and Experiences Through Social Media

Andrés Trujillo is a Young Colombian Influencer and Blogger Who Shares His Life and Experiences Through Social Media

Andrés Trujillo is a young Colombian influencer and blogger of information and based in New York. He has more than 45,000 followers on social media where he shares his life story full of adventures and experiences.

Andrés is proud of his culture, which he has left imprinted in every country he visits. When he was still very young, he moved to Spain where he obtained his nationality and worked in the legal and administrative area for companies such as Telefonica and Europcar.

Today, Andrés is living in the cosmopolitan city of New York where he has reinvented himself and now works as a blogger and influencer. He has collaborated with major brands such as Godiva chocolates, Durex condoms, Express brand and even with Laughing Man Coffee, the coffee company of actor Hugh Jackman.

“Through my social media I also share information about my traveling experiences. I have visited many different cultures and been to a lot of countries and tourist sites such as Indonesia, China, Jordan, Emirates, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, or Israel, Lhasa (capital of Tibet), Iguazu, Machu Picchu, Petra, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt and more.” Andrés shares.

One of his last moves was in 2014 from Madrid to New York, where the great cultural diversity coexisting in a single city offered him a different vision of the world. This inspired his new phase of projects.

Leaving a city like Madrid and settling in another as different as New York forced me to get out of my comfort zone and stimulated me to start a new phase in my life with new projects. In addition, the opportunities that life gave me provided me with a very rich vision of the world and with experiences that I believe can be of great use to other people who want to start a personal path similar to mine. Social media seemed to me to be an ideal platform to develop this idea.” Andrés says.

Regardless of his studies or profession, Andrés has always felt attracted to activities of a social nature, in which he has had to interact with other people, work in a team, and exchange views with people from very diverse cultures and positions. 

This has provided me with a very enriching amalgam of experiences and knowledge, which I believe could be useful for others as well.” He adds.

When Andrés moved from Spain to the United States, all those feelings intensified considerably, which stimulated him to change, reinvent himself and embark on a new adventure in the world of social media.

All people, regardless of the job or profession to which they are dedicated at some point in life encounter situations that could slow down their path or growth either personally or professionally.

For Andrés, the obstacle from the beginning was language. Spanish being his native language and the language he used when he lived in Spain, it was hard to adjust to speaking mostly in English now that he lives in New York.

The transition from Spanish to English has been one of my biggest hurdles, as it requires a significant mastery of the language in which one wants to communicate such experiences and emotions. On the other hand, the melting pot of cultures (and accents) that coexist in a city like New York further complicates this task, mixing expressions, grammatical turns of phrases, terms, and meanings that are foreign and unfamiliar. Reaching such disparate groups of people in a foreign language becomes quite a challenge.” Andrés explains.

Andrés’ work has managed to stand out because of its authenticity. He is very organic in the production of the content he publishes on his blog and social media, where he rarely uses filters. 

Something that many of the companies with which I collaborate value is the naturalness of my content. I don’t consider it essential having to use (or abuse!) photographic retouching and filters.” Andrés stresses, and adds, “I also don’t care about maintaining a clearly defined ‘style’ or ‘theme.’ I consider that profiles that are too perfect and ideal end up being artificial and have a very limited impact on their audience.” 

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