Angie Zuñiga Believes In All The Benefits of The Technological Revolution So She Created Peacedev, The Recognized Colombian Company That Specializes in Mobile Applications

Angie Zuñiga Believes In All The Benefits of The Technological Revolution So She Created Peacedev, The Recognized Colombian Company That Specializes in Mobile Applications

Angie Zuñiga is quite an amazing businesswoman and entrepreneur. She and her husband, Jaishir Bayuelo, are the CEOs of a Colombian software development company called Peacedev. Their services include the entire development cycle from the software design, planning, development, testing and support. In addition, their specialty are mobile applications, through which they provide an excellent user experience for all their clients!

Since she was little, Angie has been a very enterprising woman. She has always had her goals very clear and she was willing to work hard to achieve them. Angie is passionate about leading initiatives and, in fact, she has led various cultural projects like, many social projects as a volunteer for Partners Of the Americas, and diverse academic projects such as a monitoring app in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I started in the business with a small ice cream factory. Then I worked as director of marketing at a video game event promotion startup. After that, I taught marketing workshops that I learned in a self-taught way and offered services by subcontracting third parties. At that time, I was studying Systems Engineering and Computing at the university, so I decided to create a software Development Company”, Angie explains.

She was motivated to start Peacedev by her desire to be able to generate employment in her country and give young programmers an opportunity. Likewise, she wanted to build her life project in a company that would allow her to grow and develop her full potential.

Peacedev was created in 2020, when Angie realized that technology applications can impact millions of users all over the world, so she fell in love with the idea of helping other entrepreneurs and companies to improve their software development! Through hard work and the high quality of services they offer, she and the company have become nationally recognized specialists in the field.

The business manages to stand out from the crowd by their fresh and youthful mentality. They always remain faithful to the ideas that their clients want to develop and do their best to satisfy all their needs. In addition, they have very competitive prices for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

“My sensitivity also makes me really unique. With it, I build the vision of a technology company, and I seek to impact from all spheres: social, cultural and academic”, Angie adds.

But of course, not everything has been easy on her journey. She has faced diverse challenges, but one of the most difficult was learning to deal with people’s opinion. Others usually expect you to have a normal life, an average job, and an existence to match theirs. But not everyone wants to follow the same pattern, and Angie was one of those people. She had to work on her self-confidence to pursue her dreams and not give up along the way.

“For me, success is achieving a desired objective or goal after overcoming our fears. It can be said that whenever we have some fear, we are facing a possibility of being successful”, she shares.

Despite all the work that she has already done, Angie isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. She describes her next steps below:

“Soon I will release a product with Peacedev, something very good and that helps both the development of the company and that of a specific economic sector. Personally, I will continue to invest in Blockchain technology projects, DEFI, Web 3.0; which I consider very important today.”

Without a doubt, Angie’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to entrepreneurs, but to all of us! To find out more about Angie, check out Peacedev’s website here and follow her on Instagram here.