Bibi Nassar Helps You Create Your Own Image and Impress Everybody

Bibi Nassar Helps You Create Your Own Image and Impress Everybody

Bibi Nassar is a personal image consultant, writer and influencer. She shares her knowledge in image and fashion through advisory, an online academy with lessons and certificates and her personal social media.  

Bibi is certified by the International Image Consultant Association and has more than 15 years of experience as an image consultant. She created the Online Academy, a virtual model with courses and certificates to learn about creating and styling your own brand and image with more than 300 students.

“One of the things that make me stand out is that I help you develop your image through my imperfect image philosophy. I make my clients understand that the key to look and feel good starts by accepting what we like and don’t like about ourselves and adapt fashion and clothing accordingly”, Bibi says.

In 2019, Bibi’s first book Guide to the Imperfect Image was published. Here, Bibi talks about choosing colors, how to combine them, choose a style, body shapes, and what clothing favors every person, etc. Readers can create their own imagen in a very customized way without having to pay for a service. That same year, Bibi won the National Woman Award in Mexico City. 

Bibi comments that the most difficult challenge has been managing her professional life with her personal one. As an influencer and a mother of 3, Bibi is also a reference for mothers in social media and real life. 

Nowadays, she collaborates with brands of the fashion and maternity worlds like Liverpoool, Chicco, Maxi Cosi and others.

“Since I was 23 years old I knew I wanted to help others. The day I leave this Earth I want to know I left a mark”, Bibi shares. With her knowledge and experience, Bibi helps people notice how they can achieve many things with the right image. “It’s important to have the tools and design elements to use them and project what we want to project from ourselves”.

To people starting their own business, she recommends having a clear objective, a good marketing plan, understanding the difference you are providing, getting to know your target and using storytelling. “If you are not clear on what you want, you can be your own enemy. Starting a business is full of challenges and you have to be clear to overcome them”.

Bibi wants to keep growing in her social media and to continue collaborating with more brands. She will also keep providing and adding new courses and certificates in her online academy, to allow more people to learn about their personal image no matter where they are.