Bilingual Real Estate Alejandra Alvarado Is Committed to Providing You with The Highest Quality Real Estate Investment Services

Bilingual Real Estate Alejandra Alvarado Is Committed to Providing You with The Highest Quality Real Estate Investment Services

Invierte con Alejandra is part of Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services, a Real Estate company founded in 2010 by Alejandra and Manuel Alvarado. The business focuses mainly on two cities, Miami FL, and Columbus OH, two areas within the United States that have experienced a great growth in the real estate market.

Alejandra’s passion for real estate plays a huge role in helping clients achieve their Real Estate dreams. The services include buying or selling investment properties, property management, renovations, and Real Estate brokerage. She is extremely knowledgeable and qualified in the Real Estate field. Alejandra, from Invierte con Alejandra, obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Honolulu, HI, and her master’s degree with a concentration in Finance in San Francisco, CA. As a Venezuelan who moved to the United States, Alejandra is bilingual in both English and Spanish, which allows her to provide a professional and personalized service to clients in the United States and Latin American countries. Having this in mind, her main goal is to bring value and education to her clients by providing them with actual and substantial Real Estate information. 

Besides her facet as a Real Estate professional, Alejandra is a happy wife and a dedicated mother of 3 lovely children. As such, she understands the importance of buying an investment property that fits the needs of her clients. Also, her property management company takes care of 220 units. Through owning her own Real Estate business, Alejandra has been able to prioritize her two greatest passions: her family and helping others. When asked about what success means to her, Alejandra says:

“Success to me means doing something that I enjoy and going to bed happy and satisfied every night, knowing that I did my best for the day. Also, having the right attitude and mindset toward difficult circumstances and turn them into opportunities. Being grateful for all we have regardless of the current situation.”

As you can see from how Alejandra expresses herself, work is not just about money. Instead, it is about feeling fulfilled by knowing that she can help others. She can persevere through any negative thoughts or difficult situations that she may encounter. It is because of this that she can put her clients first and provide them with the best service possible. Additionally, she is passionate about teaching others and working with diverse people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Currently, Alejandra and her husband own 190 properties and continue to expand their investment portfolio, as well as their clients’ portfolios. She plans to continue expanding her business, while keeping high service standards through her passion for Real Estate and openness to educate others about its benefits. Alejandra’s clients’ satisfaction comes from knowing that her team is providing the best service possible.

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