Boston and New York prepare for their biggest snowfall of the season

Boston and New York prepare for their biggest snowfall of the season

As a major storm system moves across the central United States and the Great Lakes region, the cities of Boston and New York are expecting their biggest snowfall of the season after an unusually warm winter, according to CNN meteorologists. .

According to the National Weather Service, the two cities are under a winter advisory, as snow and ice are expected to begin arriving in the region on Monday afternoon.

This could easily be New York’s biggest snowfall of a nearly snow-free season. The weather service is forecasting 4 to 6 inches of snow and ice in New York City Monday night through noon Tuesday, along with winds gusting up to 35 mph.

“Better late than never! New York City has only received 1 cm of snow so far this winter (since December 1st), about 60cm below its average,” the CNN meteorologist said. Brandon Miller. “But that looks like it’s going to change on THE LAST DAY of meteorological winter (which runs from December 1 to February 28).”

Boston is forecast to receive up to 4 inches of snow through Tuesday night, which would also be its most of the season. The city’s heaviest snowfall so far was just 5 cm on January 23. Boston has received less than a third of its normal snowfall this winter, about 10 inches total compared to a normal 36 inches, Miller said.

This unusually snowless boreal winter prompted Mayor Gary Christenson of Malden, Massachusetts, north of Boston, to declare winter over on February 8, when he tweeted that the city was lifting all winter parking restrictions for its approximately 65,000 residents. residents.