Business Management Through a Consciousness & Quantum Approach! Transform Your Business & Life with Ale Fernández

Business Management Through a Consciousness & Quantum Approach! Transform Your Business & Life with Ale Fernández

Ale Fernández is the type of leader that empowers others in her journey. She guides entrepreneurs and businessmen and women to transform their businesses and life through a powerful energy and mindset management. She helps them understand all about the art of selling, business and service in a powerful, quantum way, generating real profits for their companies.

Alejandra is a Mexican business coach, speaker and entrepreneur. She is a partner in Consultora Marketing Consciente and Negocios Conscientes. She is a writer, teacher and researcher, specializing in the art of selling: how to generate profitability, neuroscience, neuromarketing, and ancestral wisdom, toltequity and quantum energy.

Her vast research and her 25 years of experience collaborating with international enterprises like Forbes Mexico & LATAM, GQ, Condé Nast Mexico & LATAM. This has allowed her to combine the business world, sales and new technologies with consciousness, energy and ancestral wisdom. She now has more than 10 years of experience in the Customer Service area.

How does she help people? She has 2 modalities:

  1. Business & Entrepreneurship Coaching: she provided one-on-one advisory to entrepreneurs, business owners and companies’ executives to scale their business and life. 
  2. Advisories & Workshops to Enterprises: she advises companies in the areas of sales, leadership, productivity, development, and customer service.

The inspiration behind her business comes from her own years of experience. She tells us that she “was a collaborator for 25 years in international enterprises. I started from the bottom and climbed to executive positions, being able to transform and scale the sales of the companies. I learned through my own skin, what are the most important requirements, areas of opportunities for businesses and collaborators; what should be done and shouldn’t, either in the short or long term. And I have been able to confirm my knowledge with experience and the clients I have mentored”.

To Alejandra, the key when starting a business is to correctly manage your mind, emotions and energy, everything together. And precisely this is what makes her stand out from other coaches or advisors. Not many companies know how to manage and transform their businesses in consciousness. And almost nobody talks and uses sales through the conscious and quantum approach. Alejandra provides a mix of tools to generate profit through such concepts that are powerful, real, testable, and with guaranteed results.

She is now working to expand Negocios Conscientes, summing different experts in her team to treat topics like leadership, strategy, coaching, productivity, finance, and more. Her objective is to provide a complete catalog of unique experiences to companies and business owners that want to grow their business in a conscious way.

Ale’s main message to the world is to live consciously of your own life, purpose, environment and the impact you (and your business) have in society. Having this is a differentiating factor for the success of your company, and the key to achieve abundance in all areas of your life.

What are you waiting for? Start living consciously with Ale Fernández’ coaching now! Learn more about Ale’s journey here and about her marketing company here