Businesswoman Mom and Star of The Pretty and Punk Podcast Business Show Shares What the World's Most Successful Businessmen are Collecting.

Businesswoman Mom and Star of The Pretty and Punk Podcast Business Show Shares What the World's Most Successful Businessmen are Collecting.

Sometimes the things that we find in our attics, in our drawers, or leftover items from an older family member can be worth more than we think. Whether it is a signed book or a newspaper from a specific date and time, the documents and items we carry with us tell a rich history of our lives, but also the time period they are from.

This is the value that Ildiko Ferenczi sees in the world and the reason that she started her business, the Billionaire Collection, with her husband. The two of them had spent an evening discussing powerful quotes from famous historical leaders and the impact they had on their lives

“After a conversation one night with my husband, we realized we had used these inspiring quotes by great leaders from the past throughout all of our lives. These powerful quotes had gotten us through the hard times. We had both written or stuck quotes like these around our home,” Ildiko recounts.

Combining this with inspiration she got from her mother’s old antique shop, and a number of priceless documents they had invested in over the years, signed by famous leaders and Entrepreneurs of the past, Ildiko and her husband had an incredible idea that hit them both. This idea became the Billionaire Collection. The two left their jobs and began a journey around the world.

“We started the Billionaire Collection starting with our personally owned items from our collection including a signed book from Henry Ford, a signed photo of Thomas Edison, and a signed letter from Walt Disney, something perfect to inspire our son Daniel to dream big.

Today we travel the world with our children Destiny and Daniel searching for the perfect letters that represent a piece of this great leader’s history.  The Billionaire Collection hosts pieces from great people like Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Enzo Ferrari, and even Abraham Lincoln,” Ildiko explains.

The goal of the Billionaire Collection is to Bring their clients closer to the people who they admire and who have inspired them throughout history, connecting them through these leader’s most intimate documents! This gives people a new lens to view these incredible people of the past and sometimes shares a more intimate understanding of that person.  

“They say that you become what you surround yourself with, well there is nothing that will bring you closer to great people like Edison or Lincoln or Steve Jobs, than owning something that they once held in their hands,” Ildiko remarks.

“Looking through The Billionaire Collection is like taking a trip through time.  The collection has some really unbelievable items, including a large selection of signed biographies.  The items are all original and range in price from $1000 to ^$700,000.  A sketch from the collection, by Paul Cezanne, is going up for auction November 13 at the famous Christie’s. A Recently Discovered 1977 Star Wars letter signed George Lucas Letter is also available on their site later this month,” Ildiko states.

However, this is not the only thing that Ildiko does; far from it in fact! She is also the host of the Pretty and Punk Podcast. In this podcast, Ildiko and hubby talk  about owning a successful business all while having a family and balancing that with a healthy marriage. She realizes the power of this all after the difficult almost two years of pandemic that have weighed down many people and their businesses and relationships. That is why her advice and her commentary on the podcast is all based on what actually has worked for her along with her famous guests.

“The Hosts of the Pretty and Punk Podcast understand the importance of legacy more than ever after their own family struggled with major obstacles.  Sometimes we need a reminder we are going to come out of this on the other end and it’s nice to connect with the victory stories of great leaders. We all need that! We are all inspired by that which we surround ourselves with,” Ildiko says.

To keep up with all that Ildiko does, check out her instagram here and check out her Billionaire Collection website here. As a fun addition, check out a clip of Idliko’s son here and her daughter instagram here.