Canadian Fragrance AI venture Airzai and Swiss-based Firmenich are Entering a Strategic Partnership To Create an AI-Powered Fragrance Experience

Canadian Fragrance AI venture Airzai and Swiss-based Firmenich are Entering a Strategic  Partnership To Create an AI-Powered Fragrance Experience

Airzai Aroma is a smart home fragrance diffuser that delivers a unique fragrance experience to elevate its users’ mood and sensory experience. This Canadian startup is being dubbed as the “Next unicorn to revolutionize the fragrance industry”. Recently, Firmenich, a 127-year-old Swiss-based market leader, announced its strategic partnership with Airzai.

The exact details of the partnership have not yet been disclosed but according to the sources, the partnership will drive further product development and innovation in the fragrance industry with potential of a more integrated collaboration and investment.

As part of the partnership, Airzai will primarily have access to Firmenich’s informed creation program based on cutting-edge neuroscientific research to co-create emotional scents, in a bid to reinvent fragrance design through augmented creation. 

“This partnership comes at a very exciting stage for our venture as we prepare to launch our smart fragrance diffuser which is packed with patent-pending technologies, both in our hardware and software. Along with this, we are leveraging the power of AI to bring a truly unique experience to our valued customers.” says Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO of Airzai.

“Being one of the world’s leading companies specializing in the research, creation, and manufacture of fragrances, Firmenich’s vision for the future is truly inspiring and we at Airzai are looking forward to joining hands.” CEO Mushtaq adds.

Swiss-based Firmenich will be leveraging its AI-powered fragrance creations as part of the agreement, while Airzai will continue driving hardware, software, and firmware development through advanced tech and Machine Learning.

Firmenich Team in Dubai, UAE with the CEO of Airzai, Muneeb Mushtaq

“Pushing the boundaries of creation in perfumery is at the heart of our mission at Firmenich. Airzai is a perfect partner in this mission, a very innovative startup from Canada that has invested incredibly into the future of home fragrance through R&D. We are very excited to partner with Airzai and bring our latest advances in augmented creation thanks to artificial intelligence.” Stated Matteo Magnani, Perfumery CIO of Firmenich.

Recently, Airzai launched a limited-edition Airzai Aroma model, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The product with its unique aesthetics and design quickly grabbed the attention of one specific social media, TikTok where all units were sold out in one day. Currently, the Airzai aroma has a wait list of six months for its limited edition model.

Catering to this growing demand and investor interest, Airzai is currently considering raising a new round of funding as it recently closed a pre-seed round in excess of $4 million in its mission to launch and scale the “world’s smartest diffuser.”