Carlos Ardila is the Man Behind Delta Digital, a Business Focused on Educating on Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Blockchain and Personal Finance

Carlos Ardila is the Man Behind Delta Digital, a Business Focused on Educating on Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Blockchain and Personal Finance

Carlos Ardila is an entrepreneur and businessman who runs Delta Digital, a business focused on educating people on cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain technology, as well as personal finance, development, and leadership

The company is focused on helping people use these new technologies and investment strategies so that each person learns for themselves the right way to invest and is able to grow financially with cryptocurrencies.” Carlos explains.

Carlos has been moving within the business world since he was 21 years old. Back then, he had developed skills in the areas of sales and business development. At that time, he had been sharing his vision to help the growth and education of as many people in Latin America.

In 2016, Carlos started in the world of cryptocurrencies and was totally captivated by it. This is what led him and his three partners to launch Delta Digital in 2022 in order to educate people on finances.

Carlos had been motivated to launch Delta Digital by the experiences gained through years of work and by his passion for everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

In particular, Carlos knew that even today most people do not have knowledge about this area and for that reason he is willing to share them and teach as many people as possible how cryptocurrencies work so people can really see the power they have and the benefit they can give to the global economy.

At the end of 2021 after a meeting with several friends, we talked about how the knowledge acquired over the years is much more valuable than money itself because you can lose everything but no one can take away what you know. For that reason, we decided to start a company that teaches and trains people who want to learn about investments and cryptocurrencies so they can experience financial growth in their lives.” Carlos says.

Carlos and his team at Delta Digital realized there was a gap in the educational part related to blockchain so they set themselves the task of accelerating the process of teaching and learning so people benefitting from Delta Digital services could use crypto.

Delta Digital stands out because they implement a system that differentiates them from others in which their customers not only acquire financial education but also are accompanied throughout their journey as investors.

Throughout the process, customers’ financial growth is evaluated complementing theory with practice. This method helps customers accelerate, grow and sustain their results.

In our company, we believe in impact over income. This means that the positive impact we make in the lives of our clients is more important than the income generated by the sales of our subscription.” Carlos recounts.

Nowadays, mindset is something that is closely associated with the success or failure of any business or venture. Many successful businessmen like Carlos are convinced that mindset is responsible for at least 90% of each business.

If you decide to start thinking negatively, you can easily give up. This happens to many people who start a business. On the other hand, if you stay positive and determined to solve everything you need to keep growing, you will achieve it.” Carlos states.

Delta Digital has a presence in more than 16 countries and will expand to up to 30 countries by the end of 2022. In addition, they also have offices within the Metaverse, which has become a great innovation that many customers have liked.

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