Changing the Event Industry: The Power Couple of Jerome and Vanisha Naidu Are Household Names in the Event Industry.

Changing the Event Industry: The Power Couple of Jerome and Vanisha Naidu Are Household Names in the Event Industry.

With the onset of the pandemic, many people turned to side hustles, second jobs, or other odds and ends in order to make ends meet. These side hustles ranged anywhere from driving for uber to starting a small business. For some people, however, the side hustle quickly became an essential part of their work life. 

This was the case for Jerome and Vanisha Naidu who began a side hustle in 2019 before the pandemic, but became so much more as time went on. Their business, Trend Rentals, also brought the two of them closer together as a couple.

“Trend Rentals is a luxury event rental business that evolved into an event rental and décor service. When Trend first started, the business offered smaller event décor items such as marquees, pedestals, candle holders, cake stands, signage, etc. The rentals offered by Trend were specially staged to catch the consumer’s eyes, normally decorated with balloons or florals. The service for balloons and florals was not offered to the public until the end of 2020. Today, Trend is considered a “one stop shop” and offers a variety of custom backdrops and décor packages for intimate events. The backdrops offered are carefully selected from worldwide trending events or designed by Jerome & Vanisha. Each décor package includes balloon art, faux florals, signage, furniture rentals. The décor packages can be customized to any theme, color, design, and style,” Jerome and Vanisha explain.

Jerome and Vanisha were inspired to start this business based on their own experience as a couple. When Jerome was planning a proposal to Vanisha, he ordered numerous decorations to help set the stage for the perfect proposal. None of them arrived on time! Though this was a tragedy for the proposal itself, it sparked an incredible idea for the couple to help others who were in the same scenario.

“We were unable to find vendors that met our expectations with décor rentals. The drive to start a business that carried the items and solutions we were looking for propelled after unsuccessful searches. Another factor was finding vendors that met the required standards at venues. One of the main goals for Trend was to create a seamless booking experience for clients. Trend aimed to create easy communications, combined services to reduce search time, reliable payment methods, and meeting requirements for liability purposes,” Jerome and Vanisha state.

What differentiates the couple from others in the same industry is that they have a personal attachment to the business. They want to make sure that no one has a problem with any of their event pieces as the couple once did.

“We truly love what we do and having a background in the field gives Trend an advantage because both of us have experience in the event industry along with professional skills from prior careers. Before starting Trend, we both gained exposure from putting together small events locally in our community. We even volunteered at times to introduce backdrops displaying the latest styles with balloon art and florals. Aside from the hands-on experience, we also worked in a management position and often contributed knowledge in IT and Logistics,” Jerome and Vanisha reiterate.

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