Charles Miller Brand Denim is an All American Brand Employing Black Veterans and Fostering Community Between Buyers and Craftsmen.

Charles Miller Brand Denim is an All American Brand Employing Black Veterans and Fostering Community Between Buyers and Craftsmen.

Denim has always been a classic American staple. Whether it is jeans to do work like construction or farming or jeans worn for style, people wear jeans almost constantly as their pants of choice. While there are many mainstream companies selling jeans, small business jean businesses are also a thriving part of the industry. 

Charles Miller Brand Denim is one of these small business denim companies that is making a big name for themselves in the industry. Charles Miller Brand Denim, or CMBD, is a family owned, veteran and black owned and operated business. Their goal is to represent their own journeys in their jeans.

Additionally, as American made jeans, they keep all of their manufacturing and craftsmanship done in the United States and employ local workers! The denim brand is an American made heritage brand that is meant to embody the made in America ode to craftsmanship.

The goal of CMBD, beyond creating a jean that fits the needs of the wearer, is to build a community for both its buyers and creators. Unfortunately, when many veterans return from deployment, they find themselves in difficult situations whether it be adjusting back to a day to day life or even as basic as finding a job. CMBD helps alleviate some of this by providing both a job, but also a sense of belonging in what can sometimes be a hostile environment and transition post serving. 

However, the road to success was not always easy for CMBD. As many other entrepreneurs will tell you, execution, even when you have a good vision, can be incredibly difficult. There are many hurdles and roadblocks that people do not necessarily anticipate despite having a well thought out plan. The key to success for CMBD was sticking to their goals and realizing that they weren’t going to check all the boxes for everyone, but rather needed to build a consistent cadence for execution. 

Another piece of their success was the company’s founder and namesake, Charles Miller. Charles, a veteran himself, Charles grew up watching his dad try and fail to run a business. He was determined to change his fate without losing his roots coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and veterans.

I’m building businesses for myself and my family while serving in the Military. I’ve broken generational curses in my family with short lived entrepreneurial aspirations and breaking organizational strongholds in the Army by showing the importance of building a brand while being in the service. I’m a third generation Army Soldier making it past the ranks of all my family members before me. I come from a long history of entrepreneurship and leadership,” Charles explains.

CMBD is working hard to continue to expand their business to various wholesale accounts around the world starting first in the U.S. and then expanding outwards. To find out more about CMBD, check out their website here.