Charles “The Credit Chef” Truvillion Shares His Journey of Entrepreneurship and How He Came to Help Over 5000 Clients Fix Their Credit

Charles “The Credit Chef” Truvillion Shares His Journey of Entrepreneurship and How He Came to Help Over 5000 Clients Fix Their Credit

The culinary and finance worlds rarely collide, and yet, Charles Truvillion, better known as the Credit Chef, has found a niche right at this intersection. 

Charles is a self-taught chef who was able to teach himself by watching The Food Network. He is someone who is able to see opportunities where others cannot and make them progress to support himself. A mentor in Atlanta was able to teach Charles everything he knew about credit, including how to manage it and how it would be able to help him in the future. In 2011, Charles became a full time-chef after quitting his job in corporate America – and yet, his finance knowledge continued to come in handy. 

“While at an event they were asking about fixing credit and getting loans, so I offered some information. I struggled with entrepreneurship in Atlanta, GA, so I decided to take my talents to Las Vegas, NV. Upon settlement, one of my mentors said you should call yourself ‘The Credit Chef’ because you cook and help repair clients’ credit. A lightbulb went off – I trademarked my name and ran full speed,” Charles recalls. 

Since taking the leap to becoming the Credit Chef, Charles has been able to help over 5,000 clients repair their credit. With the new opportunities new credit gives them, his clients have been able to start their own businesses or purchase their first homes. 

“The enjoyment I get from helping a consumer increase their credit scores is far more satisfying than enhancing their palate. We help them ‘Taste the Outcome’ of healthy credit,” Charles quips. 

Although he learned cooking through watching professional chefs on TV, Charles learned credit by first hand experience – and first hand mistakes. After learning about credit as a concept as a young man, Charles admits to taking advantage of it and ruining his credit many times. Now, he’s proud to be able to help his customers not make the same mistakes he did in his past. 

Always one to pass along good advice, Charles has also learned a lot along the way. For new entrepreneurs looking to venture into their industry for the first time, Charles encourages them to be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights. He also maintains the importance of writing down all ideas, as they come, and to revisit them weekly to keep them fresh and at the forefront of mind. Above all else, he encourages new entrepreneurs to never accept failure as an option, and to keep their mind strong and positive. 

“The most important part of being a business owner is your mindset. You have to build an impenetrable mind to not accept any negativity because it will stop your success,” Charles outlines. 

With this mindset, Charles has been able to grow his business, help thousands of people, and overcome his fear and inability of public speaking. Since running The Credit Chef, Charles has spoken at numerous events and hosted many training sessions for credit repair shops for business owners. 

In the coming year, Charles is looking forward to some exciting new projects. In particular, he plans to tap into flipping for real estate, as well as opening a tax office, dedicated to helping credit clients – both new and experienced – start their own businesses and capture success. 

With his own hard work and the service he does for others, Charles is able to find success for himself and others. Success for him doesn’t only mean only monetary gain, but control and autonomy over his time. 

“Success to me is the freedom to enjoy my children without being told to sacrifice time with them. Moments aren’t promised,” Charles says. 

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