Chris Bustos: From Homeless to 150k in Sales Passive Income

Chris Bustos: From Homeless to 150k in Sales Passive Income

Chris Bustos runs an Amazon drop shipping automation. From homeless to business owner, Chris tells us his story and his secret to success.

In 2016, Chris was homeless. He had to drop out of college to work and sustain his family. Searching economic wellness for his loved ones, he founded his real estate company, which showed very good results. In a year,it had a one million dollar net worth and has had 200 million dollars in gross sales since its inception until now.

Despite his success, Chris was not satisfied. 2021 was coming to an end and he decided to look for a business that was recession proof and that he could make money even when he sleeps. To his surprise, Amazon was the answer. “I’ve known about ecommerce and selling on Amazon since, but never really did anything with it and never knew how much true passive income you could make from it”, he shares.

He began investigating Amazon stores, but knew he had a big challenge: he didn’t know much about it and with his lack of experience, it would take him ages to scale his business. This is why he began looking for a team of experts that could run his Amazon store.

After finding the right people to run his stores, he hired them and let them do what they were experts doing. The results were insane. His team searches the products, do the sipping, lead communications, and Chris only serves as supervisor. Since it’s drop shipping, he didn’t have to pay for any Amazon product until someone on Amazon bought a listing. With this, Chris is living his goal of having a passive income. 

Of course, ambition does not end here, and he wanted more. He tells us: “I wanted to make  more stores! But I found out Amazon only allows one store per household. So I decided to have friends and family that could pay me for my services and I would take a percentage of their monthly profits (or their stores).” 

Nowadays, his best stores have monthly gross sales of 150,000 dollars. What differentiates his services? 50% of the competitions’ prices and his great team. The team has knowledge and experience of around 10 years with sales and Amazon. This has led recognized celebrities and athletes to be their clients are prefer them over other drop shipping services.

Chris’ definition of success is being able to do whatever you want and not have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills. He is then definitely running on the success road. By finding a true passive income that can still function in difficult economic times, he is securing the future and life of his family.

To him, fear is what holds people back from starting a business, which is something that can be overcome and that requires a strong mindset to make it through. And when you don’t know something, don’t worry. His advice is: “you don’t have to be an expert in a specific industry, you can hire the experts to help you”.

For the future, he has many projects. First, he wants to take 15.000 more clients for Amazon ecommerce; then, he also wants all his stores to have gross monthly sales around 150k. And finally, he wishes to start his own private label company.