Cracking the code to F.U. Money, and financial freedom with Drew Morales The Lion

Cracking the code to F.U. Money, and financial freedom with Drew Morales The Lion

Drew Morales has set the bar high above the clouds when it comes to being aggressive, relentless and dangerous in terms of chasing dreams, success and financial freedom. His childhood hurdles have given him the strength of a champion strongman with the iron claw grip around the code to win in this reality. But everyone knows the best way to get to the end of this grand story is by quickly unboxing the beginning.

The very ugly truth:

“Homeless at age 10 years old in Brooklyn, New York, I learned very fast that we live in a “monster eats beast” type of world. I was raised partially in the streets and partially in the hands of the foster care system. This twilight zone had a very punishing path arranged for me. Having my head, face, heart and trust broken and abused on a daily basis. Leading me to unravel strong bonds with my nurses and doctors over my teachers and peers. I couldn’t tell you if they genuinely cared for me because they wanted to or if it was just because they were on payroll. But I always had this gut feeling that life would grant you bigger rewards for boundless feelings of love and gratitude when you focus on giving, instead of receiving. This is where the powerful ripple effect begins.”

Drew has had his face in the dirt for as long as he could remember. From sleeping on park benches during cold rainy nights to hiding in the hallways of lonely dark abandoned buildings for shelter. Although this story sounds like one that leads to a rampage of failure and pain, Drew has never seen himself as a victim. 

“After surviving my childhood and learning that money is nothing more than an exchange of value, I have worked my way up several ladders in different industries. Using strong morals, values and principles. Simple ones like, if you’re on time then you’re late, but if you’re early then you’re on time. Or, if you want to live an easy life then you have to work smart and hard, not just hard. But my favorite one is, if you help enough people to get what they want, then you’ll get exactly what you want. I believe my natural gift has always been strong will power. My ability to endure failure. Tied to large amounts of patience and relentless hunger for growth. These factors have enabled me to scale in many different industries. From the music industry, retail, fitness, the security industry and more. My accomplishments and hard work has allowed me to go from eight dollars an hour to sixty thousand dollars a month. Now I don’t say this to impress you, but to express to you that if I can do it then anyone can, including you.”

Drew’s resume starts just like any other wildly successful entrepreneur. First in the streets, hustling anything he could flip for a nickel to working at a burger king restaurant in Orlando Florida. But this was just the beginning for Drew, because during this time he took up a second job working in retail, putting over eighty hours worth of work on the books every week. All while studying business economics and communications. Drew says, “How you do anything is how you do everything “ and lives this statement true to the bone. He didn’t just clock into the jobs he worked at, he was known for being early and always staying late. This leads to achievement after achievement and promotion with higher pay and more challenges.

“I knew I couldn’t just clock in when I got to work. I had to figure out how to do more, provide more value and solve bigger problems. Slowly but surely it became second nature in everything I did. In doing so I easily scaled in every industry I stepped into. The next step was finding new ways to give back, as much as I could to those who were just like me. Lost but hungry for a new start and more opportunities in life. So I did what I knew best, I showed others how to do what I did but without all the stress or failures. Aka “the code” Drew recounts.

Drew humbly downplays his incredible levels of success, having worked alongside millionaires and billionaires, celebrities like Keanu Reeves and more. Climbing through the heart of New York City, Manhattan, Drew then donates all of his open availability to helping military veterans with a new start in careers they could be proud of. He succeeded in this mission by partnering up with a veteran who represented and worked with workforce one. To date Drew has helped over one hundred and fifty military veterans acquire high paying salaries and new lives in New York City. 

Since then Drew has transitioned into the world of sales, marketing, both brick and mortar business and online businesses. He now travels the world, talking on stages, sharing proven to work frameworks and skills to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. His first business focuses on helping people master the art of communication in order to gain their version of F. U. money or financial freedom through sales. The second business is a business partner coaching program that allows Drew to lead business owners and their staff members through the class ceilings of their business towards six, seven and eight figures in their business.

Drew’s business was hand crafted on the belief that success should not be reserved for just the people who have money and resources to pay to get ahead. Instead, everyone should have an opportunity to do well and gain financial freedom.

“Witnessing so many people fail because they were misguided or lied to by scammers or these online gurus has really frustrated me. I knew I couldn’t standby and do nothing. This had fired me up and inspired me to start impacting the online market and saving as many people and businesses as possible with a real business that provides real solutions and real value. My success has taught me that happiness and wealth is not only for the gifted and skilled but for the hungry and the driven. I then focused on giving the solutions and time to help several different people in different industries to successfully close ten million dollars in sales collectively in one year. I knew I had to expand my reach and help even more people. But this time I aim to help create even more leaders, so they can lead others. Because when leaders lead, nations follow,” Drew states.

Drew is looking to share his secrets to success in his book that he is working on for the new year. In addition to this project, he has a plethora of big things planned for 2022 which he details below:

“I am working on my first book. I plan on putting everything needed to master the arts of communication and this recession proof skill from A to Z so everyone, anywhere can acquire and master these recession proof skills or F.U. money framework. The way I see it is, Sometimes we are where we are only because we don’t know what we don’t know. Until we finally do.”

“Times have changed with most people and businesses being left behind or in the dark because of a lack of skill sets, lack of confidence, of a lack of faith and direction. I’m looking to break that cycle and share the success of selling code so more people can win even against all the odds.” Drew says.

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