Craig Siegel is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Brand Builder Who Runs Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a Personal Development Business

Craig Siegel is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Brand Builder Who Runs Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a Personal Development Business

Craig Siegel is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, storyteller, brand builder, who runs Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a personal development business. In addition, he is the host of The CLS Experience podcast

“I do performance coaching in all facets of life. I’m a speaker, entrepreneur, and online brand exploder.” Craig shares. “When the pandemic happened, I started to work on something I had not had for over 10 years. I was finally able to see clearly. I took what I absolutely loved in life and made it my life. Helping people. And so I started Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), which is a play on my initials.” 

Now, Craig publishes content that provides value and teaches audiences how to generate that edge in life that lasts forever. He launched coaching programs that sold out right away and the rest, as people say, is history. 

In addition to content generation, Craig also lectures and speaks at companies and universities and facilitates sales training, and is the host of The CLS Experience Podcast. 

“I’ve never felt more aligned with what I’m doing and can truly say I’m living within my vision.” Craig says.

Craig’s passion is personal development, which is why he runs Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS). He has always wanted to help people and inspire them to become the best version of themselves, which he has been able to marry with what he considers to be his purpose: to uplift other people to realize their own potential. 

The pandemic provided me with the opportunity to take a minute for myself where I was finally able to identify my true calling. From there, I realized that it’s not about me. CLS would become a shining light that would illuminate the way forward for people to improve their lives. To me, CLS represents faith, transformation, and a way to renew the mindset so that each of us can fulfill our own destiny.” Craig explains.

Moreover, Craig differentiates himself and manages to stand out from other personal development experts and public speakers because of the way he interacts with other people around him.

I’m not afraid to show the world my true, raw, real, authentic, and vulnerable self. What you see is what you get. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. What matters most to me is that my clients and the people I interact with get results.” Craig states.

Having come a long way in which he has had both successes and failures, Craig believes that having a good mindset is everything. People’s performance, in whatever field they develop in, starts with a thought in their heads and their mindset. 

The mindset is everything. Everything you achieve and what you don’t achieve is a direct result of your thoughts. When you believe something is possible, your mind finds solutions to make it so. This is the power of intention. In the course of the day, we have a lot of thoughts that come to us. Most of them are negative. The most successful and optimal people are aware of this and replace these thoughts with empowering ones. These thoughts create beliefs and those beliefs create habits and behaviors, which then create the results.” Craig says.

The unique combination of energy, motivation, inspiration, charisma, and business that Craig imbues in everything he does is what has led to the meteoric rise of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a contagious and unseen explosion that has impacted millions of lives around the world, and is why for the near future he has a magic word 

My word for this year is More. More impact, more speaking, more value, and tangible tools and techniques for people to apply immediately to live the life they want. To continue to grow the CLS brand and take it to new heights. We have some big surprises in the works.” Craig adds.

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