Creating a Personal and Public Brand for Himself, Walter Otoniel Became an Renowned Entrepreneur in the Production Space. Find Out More Below

Creating a Personal and Public Brand for Himself, Walter Otoniel Became an Renowned Entrepreneur in the Production Space. Find Out More Below

Walter Otoniell knew he was going to be an entrepreneur from a very young age. Like a select few other kids, Walter showed that he had a talent and passion for business in small ways that would eventually inspire him to take the career on full heartedly.

“When I was 11, I negotiated items at my parents’ yard sales and enjoyed it. I knew then I loved the art of business. Twenty years later, I am still bartering,” Walter recounts.

However, Walter does so much more than just buying, selling, bartering, and negotiating. He is known for two roles that have made him a household name in the business world. His first business is a production company where he offers financing, “start to finish” production, which includes editing, mixing color and sound, marketing and advertising, and finding a home for his customer’s projects, whether it be a streaming platform or theatrical release.

In his personal role, Walter details his duties and responsibilities below:

“In my independent role, I am a producer. My job has two components to it, finding the budget that fits the project, actors and crew, and operating the day-to-day duties. If I am hired by a studio with a fixed budget, then I am responsible for carrying out the full production of the project within the studio’s budget.”

The reason that Walter got involved in both of these arenas is that, in his words, he loves to create projects from the ground up. To him, there is an excitement and joy in making something your own when you begin from square one.

“I like the collaborative aspect of a production company. Lifting a project from the ground – from table reads to on-screen –carrying out a project is a lot of fun.  Naturally, it is a problem-solving job, but I enjoy putting the pieces together. A group of people come together to work collegially to breathe life into a project and having your name part of something you worked tirelessly for is gratifying every time,” Walter explains.

What makes Walter so unique is that he doesn’t see his competition as true competition. He is able to distinguish himself without worrying about others and fearing that they will catch up or surpass him in any ways. He is able to achieve this because of his unique perspective.

“It is not so much competition as it is differences. My decisions, opinions and perspective drive the way I do business. My intellectual ability to solve problems is fueled by my personal experiences. Eventually the best man whose life experiences have trained them better in creating solutions wins,” Walter says.

For all of those entrepreneurs looking to follow in Walter’s footsteps, he has some advice for you: have a passion and go for it!

“Have passion for what you do and let the rest follow. There are countless challenges related to starting your own business. All responsibilities ultimately fall on your shoulders, and it is your burden to lift it, it might as well be something you don’t mind lifting forever. It is with great reward,” Walter advises.

In addition, Walter is also working on a streaming platform called WATCHPLUS.

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