Creating Financial Opportunities through Education and Mentorship is What Carlos D Smith is All About. Find Out More Below.

Creating Financial Opportunities through Education and Mentorship is What Carlos D Smith is All About. Find Out More Below.

Entrepreneurial spirit is something that many people are born with. Whether it is selling lemonade or finding small ways to earn a bit of money, a knack for business often starts early on in life. Though it is a skill that can be taught, there is something to be said about gravitating towards one profession so early on in life.

Carlos Smith was one of these kids. As a young boy, he would be at school selling candy to try and make a little money to keep for himself. Realizing he didn’t have a lot of opportunities in life, he knew from a young age that he had to make them for himself.

“My name is Carlos D. Smith, and I’m a Credit Coach. I’m the founder and CEO of Smith Financials LLC – a fast-growing Credit Coaching business in the US. I’m also a dad and a businessman. 

I’m also that kid who sold candy at school because he had to find a way to make money at an early age. I was driven from the start, I just didn’t have a lot of opportunities – mostly because I didn’t “qualify” for the better options. That realization was a turning point for me,” Carlos recounts.

Carlos started Smith Financials because he realized the power that credit brings, specifically the power of opportunity. Very few people understand just what having good credit means and how they can actually achieve it. This is where Carlos can come in to help.

“Credit dictates a lot of what we can and cannot have – financially. And the sad truth is that a lot of people are just not getting how this system works. I started Smith Financials LLC to educate people. It starts with restoring their credit, but it doesn’t end there. It continues past the fixing and goes all the way to building, and maintaining what you have achieved. We make you look good, NOT ONLY on paper, but in all aspects of your financial life so you can have better options, and MAKE EVEN BETTER financial decisions,” Carlos says.

In addition to his normal services, Carlos is also offering a virtual class to reach people who may be unable to get traditional help with their credit. For him, it is all about the ability to help and change other people’s lives through better credit and financial health.

“Even this virtual class that I’m offering right now, called the Credit Coaching Blueprint, guides people to earn more, to achieve more. My business model revolves around helping people, because I needed help at some point in my life and I didn’t get it WHEN I needed it. Smith Financials LLC is open to anyone who needs help with their credit, funding or with building a sustainable business. I’ve transformed my life – I can help change yours,” Carlos explains.

If Carlos could leave you with one thing to remember, it is that you do not have to be the smartest or most savvy person in the world to have good credit and make it work for your lifestyle. Carlos himself barely made it out of high school and was able to turn his life around.

“A lot of people might think I am a very educated man but the simple truth of the matter is I barely graduated high school. And I was the only one in my family to do so. I picked up my knowledge of credit, business, and financial knowledge through self-education and mentorship. 

I think mentorship is the best way to learn something quick and fast without making the mistakes that you would trying to figure it out on your own. This is why I came up with an online class called the Credit Coaching Blueprint,” Carlos details.

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