Damian Mikal, Better Known as DTheAutoPlug, is Not Your Typical Luxury Car Dealer. Find Out More Below.

Damian Mikal, Better Known as DTheAutoPlug, is Not Your Typical Luxury Car Dealer. Find Out More Below.

Damian Mikal, better known as DTheAutoPlug, had a tough start to life. Unfortunately, his early life was not ideal and he struggled for many years. As he calls it, he attended the school of hard knocks. However, this was just the jumping off point that he needed to begin his career.

“After graduating from the school of hard knocks as a teenager, I educated myself to become one of the world’s top sales professionals. I am currently on pace to do more than 1 million dollars in gross profit in less than 6 months in the business. Constantly referred to as ATL’s #1 Auto Plug, I have the skill set to help those with challenged credit get vehicles all while building a strong book of business that consists of dozens of athletes and celebrities,” DTheAutoPlug explains.

Now in the luxury car industry, DTheAutoPlug began growing his business because he was inspired by the idea of helping people find the car for them despite the credit that held them back. However, the pandemic posed significant challenges for his business.

“A passion for auto sales and helping people is what motivated me to get started in the business. Getting your name out there and establishing credibility in the industry are what I believe are the biggest challenges when starting a business, but the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome in my career is navigating through the pandemic and still being able to grow my book of business while keeping all customers safe,” DTheAutoPlug states.

DTheAutoPlug Was able to get over this difficult hump by focusing on having a mindset. For him and many other entrepreneurs, keeping that solid mindset is key. Any challenge can be overcome by a positive outlook and a good mindset to go with it.

“Success to me is being the best version of myself and maximizing my potential. Never settling and completely pushing myself to the limit. Mindset is everything. I’m a huge believer in manifestation and speaking things into existence. However I also know without God I am nothing. I’m constantly finding ways to push my mind and body to the limit. You have to be mentally and physically strong in order to be great,” DTheAutoPlug remarks.

Now, having tackled that difficult step, DTheAutoPlug is ready to move on to bigger and better things for his business. What makes him special is that though DTheAutoPlug has a huge network of stars and celebrities, he is also working hard to give back to underserved communities and many people who are discriminated against. This is the crux of his new projects that are currently in the works.

“Some of my next projects are a non profit for released felons that I will call the G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R foundation. It’s an acronym and it stands for Genuis’s, advancing, new generations, systematically, through, educational , resources. I plan to help individuals who were convicted of felonies at a young age turn their lives around and develop skill sets to be successful in the automotive industry. I also plan to become #1 in the U.S.A for auto sales,” DTheAutoPlug says.

To find out more about his business, you can follow DTheAutoPlug on Instagram here and his website here.