Dany Esteban is the CEO of GINGER STEAM+H Consultants, Which is Helping Increase Interest in STEAM+H Education in the United States

Dany Esteban is the CEO of GINGER STEAM+H Consultants, Which is Helping Increase Interest in STEAM+H Education in the United States

Dany Esteban is the CEO and leader of GINGER STEAM+H Consultants, the most promising consulting firm in the United States. He has a Bachelor in Mathematics and Physics, as well as a Master in Research and a Master in International Business Administration.

Ginger STEAM+H Consultants is a company committed to the development of competencies in the STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and Humanities through high-impact training processes, consulting, advising and psycho-pedagogical support to students, teachers, professionals, parents, and companies.

Ginger STEAM+H Consultants offers a wide range of customized services designed to meet each client’s specific requirements. For example, they offer STEAM training solutions for companies to improve the efficiency and productivity of their workers. 

“We also provide advisory and consulting services to schools and educational programs to develop and strengthen their STEAM and humanities curricula and methodologies. In addition, we provide psycho-pedagogical support to students, parents, and professionals to help them achieve their goals and overcome academic and personal challenges.” Shares Dany.

For more than 15 years Dany and his team have been working closely with different companies, such as the Metusia Corporation, a non-profit NGO. With their help, Metusia was able to support some vulnerable populations by consolidating the Pomponazzi School, an entity that focused on the development of educational competencies mainly for the educational sector in Colombia. 

After a thorough analysis of the needs of the market in the United States, they realized that they have the necessary experience backed by several achievements to create a positive impact on the business population.

The U.S. government has been working to strengthen STEAM skills, which are not only in high demand but are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the country’s current production system.

In the United States, there are about 26 million STEAM jobs and it is estimated that they will continue to grow in the following years. In addition, the salaries of STEAM graduates are generally higher than the average for all jobs. It is an area that continues to grow as graduates of these fields are in high demand in the labor market, with a 17% growth by 2021 according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.” Dany states.

The reality described above was the spark needed for Dany to start Ginger STEAM+H Consultants with the goal to promote a passion for improving education and professional development in the areas of STEAM and humanities. 

We realized that there was a real need on the part of students, professionals, businesses, and organizations for specialized training and advice in areas critical to the development of the country and its schools. Therefore, we founded Ginger STEAM+H Consultants with the goal of providing high-quality services and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction.” He adds.

The Ginger STEAM+H consultants team is formed by researchers recognized in the Senior category by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Colombia, with extensive experience in educational, administrative, and consulting processes. 

We also possess competencies such as: Expertise in consulting solutions in areas of business, technology, and innovation; Focus on results and continuous improvement for clients; Highly trained and multidisciplinary team; Solid processes and proven methodologies; Collaboration and effective communication with clients.”

Based on the importance of a positive, solution-oriented mindset, Dany and his team at Ginger STEAM+H Consultants have been able to approach and overcome any challenge with confidence and determination because their commitment to continuous improvement allows them to offer innovative solutions and adapt to market changes.

At Ginger STEAM+H Consultants we believe in a sense of possibility and this mobilizes us to think positively about the challenges that life itself brings us.” Dany explains.

Looking to the future, Ginger STEAM+H Consultants is working to create different educational materials for students, tutors, parents and teachers in the STEAM+H areas. They are also in search of suppliers of high-quality STEAM material to distribute for free in low-income communities, thus allowing access to thousands of children to play processes and skills development.

At the same time they are finishing an educational platform that will focus on the development of training processes in education, psychology, and management. Finally, they expect to publish four books and three scientific articles as they work to improve Ginger STEAM+H consultants to achieve national and international recognition.

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