David Moreno Is an E-Commerce Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing the Sales Industry: Learn More Below

David Moreno Is an E-Commerce Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing the Sales Industry: Learn More Below

The main goal of e-commerce for businesses is to increase sales. Today, in the global economy with global consumers, e-commerce is the vital component of a great business strategy for business development and business expansion.

In addition, the continued expansion of e-commerce during covid-19 has increased the competition between online businesses and it has changed forever the consumer’s behavior putting high pressure on businesses and opening new opportunities for businesses to compete not only locally but also globally.

The trend has now accelerated the digitalization of the economy, by increasing the importance of e-commerce and moving a large number of consumers online, a trend that will continue to increase leading to a future where at least 90% of the purchases will be online.

In that sense, David Moreno is a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, creator of “La Estamos Rompiendo Ecom Masters”and founder of the “La Estamos Rompiendo” community. David started in the ecommerce industry in 2017, at that time he was working full time for a company. Soon, in 2019, he made $1.3 million dollars in sales being a colombian!

“Before, I worked for a full-time company where my work was not highly valued. I went to ask for a raise and they only raised me $30 dollars… at that moment I decided that my life had to change. What motivates me the most is having freedom of time, being able to do the things I love without having to ask anyone, being able to be with my family on special dates and being able to help them in every single way”, David shares.

He manages to stand out from the crowd because of his transparency and honesty. He is a person who loves being close to his community, who is excited by the results of others and celebrates them as his own. What’s more, David is very involved in his teachings and with his students, that’s why they have the best results in the industry! 

La Estamos Rompiendo Ecom Masters is the only e-commerce program that anybody needs to be successful. Also, members will have access to the entire library of videos, courses, strategies, and tools that have helped hundreds of people change their lives forever. In valuable lessons the students will learn to:

  • Improve their mindset.
  • Create their store step by step.
  • Use applications to increase their earnings.
  • Find winning products.
  • Use Business Facebook.
  • Put all the pieces together and launch their store.
  • And many more!

All members of the community will also have access to monthly live calls, where they’ll talk about Facebook, Shopify, mindset, lifestyle and many other interesting topics.

Now, how do you know if this is the perfect program for you? Easy! La Estamos Rompiendo Ecom Masters is the ideal option for you if…

  • You have no Ecom/dropshipping experience and want to learn from scratch.
  • You already have a store, you are currently looking to scale your sales.
  • You have that strange feeling that you are destined for an extraordinary life, even if you still don’t know exactly how you will achieve it!

Do you feel identified?

“In less than 4 years we have managed to generate sales for more than multiple 7 figures with our online businesses. The last few years of my life have been crazy…I went from being a full-time employee to living the life of my dreams!”, David adds.

When asked about mindset, David said that for him, mindset is the only thing that differentiates us from each other. The truth is that entrepreneurship is a mental game against ourselves, because we can have all the necessary strategies and tactics to get results, but if we don’t have the right mindset it is almost impossible to achieve our goals.

“The reality is that you do not need to be an expert, along the way you will discover everything…The business changes when you invest in mentors, so you shorten the path and do not do it alone, I realized that the system is very simple and can be summarized in these three steps: 1. Have a store to generate sales. 2. Advertise on Social Networks. 3. Dispatch products with suppliers”, David explains.

Despite all the work that he has already done, David isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. He describes his next steps below:

“I’m planning to create the largest movement of online entrepreneurs called “La Estamos Rompiendo”, which will become the #1 platform for entrepreneurs who want to generate income by selling products online.”

Without a doubt, David’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to e-commerce entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about David,check out his Instagram here and the La Estamos Rompiendo Ecom Masters program website here.