Dayana Perozo: an immigrant with a fighting spirit transformed into a successful businesswoman in the United States

Dayana Perozo: an immigrant with a fighting spirit transformed into a successful businesswoman in the United States

Dayana Perozo is a certified Nutritionist as a Nutritional Coach and Master Trainer and a NPC competitor. She is also the owner of her own clothing line and has helped and motivated more than a thousand individuals to achieve a balance between nutrition and a healthy lifestyle .

For Dayana, it all started when she decided to participate in a beauty pageant in her native country of Venezuela, which motivated her to lose weight and achieve a better version of herself. At that time, Dayana was studying medicine, a career she later changed to graduate as a certified nutritionist.

With her diploma as a nutritionist, her idea of migrating to the United States arose, a country that welcomed her and allowed her to do something she never imagined: working in a kitchen making arepas (typical Venezuelan food ). “I knew this job was a circumstance, but it did not define me… making arepas is a dignified and respectable job, but my dream was to be able to encourage and motivate people to improve their diet and lifestyle, and I remained firm in achieving my goals and my objectives”, affirms Perozo.

One of her greatest motivations was one of the saddest episodes of her life: the death of her father, who died of a disease acquired due to a poor diet and that undoubtedly made her hit rock bottom and understand that we have to insist and never give up when it comes to the health of the ones we love.

Her fighting spirit and her motivating voice earned her more than half a million followers on social media, a platform she began using of an audience that listened and understood her purpose and which later became a big community of mentees and stories of personal motivation.

Dayana‘s life took a true 180 degree turn when she decided to believe in herself and not let herself be defeated by the adversities placed in her path. Today, she owns a clothing line inspired by her father called “Fighting spirit”, and under her signature brand she also owns girdles, resistance bands, training balls and more.

One of her greatest accomplishments has been the creation of a series of weight loss programs that include eating plans, monitoring and training plans that have changed the lives of many individuals around the world.

 “I am not going to rest until I do my bit and knock on all the doors that are necessary to raise awareness about how important nutrition is and all the diseases that we can avoid by living a healthy lifestyle”, said Dayana Perozo.

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