Dedicated to Legitimacy and Transparency in a Business That Lack Those Two Qualities, Harrison Goldblatt is Revolutionizing the World of Trading. Find Out More Below.

Dedicated to Legitimacy and Transparency in a Business That Lack Those Two Qualities, Harrison Goldblatt is Revolutionizing the World of Trading. Find Out More Below.

Families grow up with various views on money and how to spend it. Many families learn to instill in their children to be conservative with their money and not to overspend. Harrison Goldblatt was one of these kids who learned early on the importance of money and being fiscally responsible. These lessons stuck with him for the rest of his life. 

“I grew up in a family that was very conscious about money. Topics of conversation would revolve around getting good deals. To this day my parents will drive an extra few miles to save 2 cents per gallon of gas. If they bought something from a store and got the wrong change (even if off by a quarter), they would drive back to the store. I KNEW I needed to escape the penny pinching,” Harrison recounts.

However, this is not the only thing he learned from his childhood. Growing up, his dad was obsessed with the stock market and this obsession rubbed off on a young Harrison just as much as any other life lesson he was taught growing up.

“Meanwhile, my father was also obsessed with the stock market. Shopping for good deals did not just apply to apples VS oranges at the Food Market, it also included shopping for good deals in the Stock Market. He was a bartender at night, but his true passion was finding the next hidden gem stock investment. Growing up, I often scratched my head wondering how much money he was leaving on the table by not pursuing such a lucrative passion full time,” Harrison explains.

Like his father, Harrison decided to make the stock market his passion, but he took it even one step further. Rather than following directly in his dad’s footsteps, he strived to do more than just enjoy the stock market; he wanted to thrive in it! That is when he decided to make it his business rather than just a passing hobby.

“I see myself as a stock and options trader first. I have a passion for developing consistent income streams and sharing them with others. When I figured out that you could make a consistent income by selling options, I didn’t understand why nobody else was talking about this and made it my mission to share this knowledge with others.

I currently share my trades online for free and offer one on one coaching services for those that feel a connection to my trading style. We are also building a Discord community of traders with a passion for backtesting, in other words, we are traders that uncover profitable strategies by studying historical data,” Harrison states.

What differentiates Harrison from others in the business comes down to two main points: transparency and legitimacy. Both of these things are hard to come by in the world of trading and the stock market because many people are just looking for the profitable way out and are willing to exploit others to get there. Not Harrison! Harrison wants to build up a community and a partnership with others and help them achieve their goals as well as achieve his own.

“Transparency is a huge part of what I do. I have a public track record where I share all of my trade entries and exits that I record on video. These videos are already posted publicly on Tik Tok shortly after I make each trade, where I usually end the video by saying ”follow to see if I win.” I also periodically post these same videos to youtube.

Legitimacy is tough to prove in this business, and I strive to prove it every day. While most stock market educators preach the lifestyle and the income, I mostly show results over, and over, and over. If you like what you see, you can sign up to learn how to do it yourself, if not, you’re not going to get some sort of sales pitch with cherry picked best results,” Harrison says.

To work even further to build that transparency and legitimacy, Harrison’s goal for the new year is to build a community of 200 traders that can help others uncover more stock market streams of income. To find out how you can get involved, follow him on instagram here and check out his discord here and check him out on tiktok here