Dentica by Cristina Suaza is a Dental Clinic Specialized in offering Pleasant and top dental Services For Patients

Dentica by Cristina Suaza is a Dental Clinic  Specialized in offering  Pleasant and top dental Services For  Patients

Cristina Suaza is a dentist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is passionate about dental care, she provides an exceptional service in Dentica helping patients retrieve their smiles and their confidence while she  cares for their smiles giving them back the trust in modern dentistry. 

Cristina is also an entrepreneur who is committed to make her business grow in Colombia, she follows the laws and regulations with deep social commitment, inclusion and care for the environment considering everything from an ethical point of view. 

Cristina manages Dentica, a dental office, specialized in restless patients, considering a dental spa philosophy as a cornerstone of this practice in which aromatherapy and music therapy lead the senses to achieve relaxation and enjoyment of the dental procedures.

Dentica groups a team of dentists specialists with more than 10 years of experience. The clinic also has comfortable and pleasant facilities where they perform all sorts of dental treatments, in this clinic you will find all dentistry specialties in one place.

“In this way, we provide services including pediatric dentistry, orthodontics to straighten teeth and improving the mouth bite, endodontics to make root canals, periodontics to manage the pathology of gums and bone, oral and maxillofacial surgery to extract wisdom teeth, we perform extractions, we place implants and make jaw movements for growth and development anomalies, and oral rehabilitators. On top of this, we provide smile designs to improve the shape and color of teeth. That is why Dentica is a comprehensive dentistry establishment for the whole family.” Cristina shares.

Eight years ago, Cristina studied health management and set as one of her goals to have a clinic for all those people who suffer from dentophobia, who, because of their fear of dentists, were not able to care about their teeth and ended up not feeling comfortable with their smile and having serious mouth issues.

I invited my sister to be part of Dentica because she studied finances and international relations and could be responsible for the organization and administrative part with the conviction to help more patients.” Cristina explains, and adds, “We created a clinic from the love for the profession, and we have become one of the best clinics in Colombia with an international touch which makes it attractive for dental tourism for patients who do not live in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.”

Despite having a successful professional career, Cristina still faced multiple challenges such as the  management of the clinic, it implied an investment in team recruiting, a function that has proven to be assertive in order to provide top quality services to the patients.

Prioritizing the human resources component of the clinic is important. When hiring, applicants, they must meet many requirements in order to be an essential part of the team. They must have a gift for service, excellent interpersonal relationships, they have to be very ethical and professional, responsible and committed.” Cristina says.

The services offered by Dentica stand out from others in the same industry because it is a dental spa type service focused on experiences for the senses. The aim is transforming the concept of visiting the dentist into a pleasant and rewarding experience. Dentica is always looking for new technologies to develop them in innovative treatments using the latest techniques and technology.

Currently, Cristina is focused on launching a new company as a complement to Dentica that would be called Oral Record. The company would seek to meet the needs of diagnostic imaging for the different specialties established in Dentica and the building where both offices are located which is called Country Medical Center. 

Among our mid-term projects is having a foundation that will allow us to help more patients who require the service and do not have the resources to afford them.” Cristina adds.

On the other hand, Cristina also wants to leave a legacy in the industry as a specialist in oral health. She would like to educate patients to have a culture of prevention, making them understand that prevention is always better than curing definitive dental diseases because it is cheaper, less painful and simpler.

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