Over 90% of Employees Procrastinate Daily At Work: Find Out How To Overcome Lack of Productivity and Achieve Work Success

Over 90% of Employees Procrastinate Daily At Work: Find Out How To Overcome Lack of Productivity and Achieve Work Success

Carlos Fernández (CAFE), renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur, is a leading figure in the world of personal and business development in Latin America. He currently offers conferences and workshops in leading companies in the region. His focus is on topics such as motivation, leadership, organizational change, teamwork, and creativity.

The motivation to start his business came while working in the corporate world. Carlos always admired the experts who came to companies to provide coaching and training. He felt a deep need to share the knowledge he was acquiring.

His trip to Minnesota to study English and his exposure to new cultures broadened his perspective and made him realize that he did not have to follow a conventional business path.

Upon my return on my grandmother’s birthday, she invited us to watch a documentary that blew my mind, and I understood that I didn’t have to follow a straight line in the business world as I had once thought,” Carlos mentions.

He decided to challenge the “default mode” that society had imposed on him and seek a path that would allow him to positively impact the lives of others. Since then, Carlos has built his business one step at a time. 

He began to take every opportunity to speak in public and share his knowledge. This opened numerous doors for him and allowed him to write a blog, teach at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, and eventually receive an offer to do paid speaking engagements at companies. 

I started writing a blog, giving classes at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello until one day a friend told me, ‘Carlos, I want you to come to my company and you don’t have to come for free.’ Since then I did not stop. Five years later, I changed companies. A year after I arrived there, I got married and one of the most important moments of my life arrived. I arrived home and my new wife gave me a pen and said, ‘I want you to sign your resignation with this pen and dedicate yourself to what you love so much.’ The next day, I was talking to my boss announcing my decision.” Carlos recounts.

A few months after Carlos was dedicating himself 100% to his business, he earned the chance to go to an event as a spectator. There he would connect with a person who would later give him the deal of the year, the chance to do 160 training sessions for a company.

However, the road has not been easy. Carlos has faced significant challenges, from scams and financial difficulties to the shocking socio-economic situation in his native Venezuela. The pandemic also affected his business, as many people started offering free online courses, which decreased the perceived value of his lectures. 

Through it all, Carlos has shown resilience and perseverance to overcome these obstacles and continues to grow. 

At this point, I never thought I would be working with the largest companies in this country, that it would soon help me launch my career as an international speaker, impact over 10,000 participants, write four books (Siete Huellas, Recárgate, La Gravedad no tiene la culpa, Transfórmate en Paz), launch a podcast called “Las 3 Principales” (with over 180 episodes to date),” comments Carlos.

The mindset has been fundamental to Carlos’ success. He recognizes that 80% of the work is based on beliefs, thoughts, and emotional management. For him, optimism is key, and he considers it his drug. He believes in the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, enjoying the present, and visualizing an even better and more abundant future.

Carlos’ advice for those who are starting their own business or brand is to fall in love with the process and the product or service they are offering. He also advises to embrace uncertainty as an integral part of entrepreneurship and being willing to learn and adapt at any time.

As for future projects, Carlos has several goals in mind. He wants to strengthen his brand, have recurring bids for massive events around the world, and increase the number of people he can impact with his transformational message. In addition, he aspires to live anywhere in the world, as his message is not limited by geographic location.

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