DIY Wholesaling Group Provides Answers to the Many Problems and Hurdles Faced By Real Estate Professionals Today

DIY Wholesaling Group Provides Answers to the Many Problems and Hurdles Faced By Real Estate Professionals Today

Kyle Connor is the owner and co-founder of DIY Wholesaling Group along with his business partner Josh Pfeiffer. DIY Wholesaling Group is a real estate solutions company that provides the answers to five of the problems commonly faced by real estate professionals.

“The main five problems are showcased by statements like ‘I don’t know how to source off-market deals,’ ‘I don’t know where to find good cold callers or outsourced lead generation talent,’ ‘I don’t have time to build systems or manage a acquisitions team, but I need deal flow,’ ‘I don’t know how to build marketing campaigns for consistent lead generation,’ and ‘I struggle to get deals at a discount.’” Kyle shares.

For that reason, Kyle and his partner Josh leveraged their experiences within the real estate industry and set about the task of packaging a “business in a box” service, offering the systems they each applied in their businesses and led to their success, such as virtual assistant talent, data management and campaign techniques to offer a variety of services to agents, brokers, wholesalers, and incumbent investors.

As a result of such actions created in April 2021, the DIY Wholesaling Group company offers five main packages: Part-time and Full-time Cold Calling Package; DIY Basic & Elite CRM; Data Management; SMS Manager; and Consulting.

Since then, DIY Wholesaling has been serving dozens of clients from all over the United States, working with clients with different levels of experience and team sizes ranging from just a 1 person shop, to more than 20.

DIY Wholesaling often works best with small companies that have the capital to invest in their business and the knowledge of the real estate industry, but at the same time lack the expertise in building systems, creating processes for lead generation, delivering productive marketing campaigns to prospective sellers, and hiring and managing virtual assistant talent. 

In the last year, we have had 25 clients engaged with DIY Wholesaling in 11 different states across the country.” Kyle says.

For Kyle, his desire to start his own business is what drove him to own and co-found DIY Wholesaling. He had always had the goal of starting his own business to create a more financially stable future for himself and his family.

After watching several young entrepreneurs successfully build a wholesale real estate company, I had the framework to jump in and get started. I am also very thankful for the support of my wife and family to go all in and build these businesses day by day.” Kyle comments.

Thanks to his company, Kyle and his group of professionals are making a huge impact on aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country by offering them services that allow them to enjoy financial independence, stability, and give them much-needed time back in their lives.

Since its inception, DIY Wholesaling has been adjusting and improving its target customer focus which has allowed them to expand its market from its initial focus on wholesalers and real estate investors. But recently they have also been offering its services to real estate agents and brokers.

This has been a great opportunity for us and a larger market to target. We have had great success with agents and brokers in bringing a new style of marketing to their more traditional form of prospecting and campaigning to generate motivated sellers for listing opportunities.” Kyle explains.

One of the hurdles Kyle has managed to overcome so far has been managing the different personalities, cultures, and virtual nature of his entire team. He has done this through ensuring he invests in his team members, regardless of whether they are domestic or international

“I want my team’s creativity and input to be felt throughout the company. This has created a unique culture that has attracted some of the best talents worldwide. Having a clear structure, rules, and clear communication from the day they enter the company helps solve these challenges.” He comments.

The short-term goal of DIY Wholesaling is to generate seven figures in revenue by the end of 2023 becoming a leader in real estate services. 

By 2023 we will launch additional services related to deal dispositions; deal acquisition, funding and financing for your business or real estate investments; deal acquisition and contract negotiations; and transaction coordination.” Kyle adds.

DIY Wholesaling manages to differentiate itself from its competitors because unlike so-called gurus or influencers who offer consulting or e-learning to provide insights into real estate investing and wholesaling, DIY Wholesaling gives its clients not only the resources to achieve success from day one but also provides a plan to scale and grow a successful real estate business, making it sustainable in any market condition. 

“By delivering the keys to systems, marketing, and data management, we can help both new and seasoned real estate investors save time, money and become more efficient in all facets of their business.” Kyle states.

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