Do You Believe in Magic? Bruja Wicca Can Help You Tap Into Your Talents and Ancestral Roots To Become a Witch and More

Do You Believe in Magic? Bruja Wicca Can Help You Tap Into Your Talents and Ancestral Roots To Become a Witch and More

Lady Vargas, also known as Bruja Wicca, is the Colombian witch and astrologist behind HKT, an informal digital school of magic with more than 250 students. There, she teaches others to become witches, magicians, shamans and mediums.

Bruja Wicca was raised within the Catholic religion but in her family history some of her ancestors had links to witchcraft, tarot, and healing. This was important for her as a young child.

“I was raised within the Catholic religion. Paradoxically in the heart of my ancestral lineage there was the pre-existence of witchcraft, a tarotist aunt, my grandmother who had tried all the Mancias and a great grandfather who was the empirical healer of the people.” Bruja Wicca shares.

At the early age of 7 years old, Bruja Wicca had her first paranormal experience and from then, everything changed for her.

then at the age of 9, she could know when an acquaintance was going to die because she felt a peculiar smell of jasmine and wood 

At the age of 7 years old, I had a paranormal experience. One November night while playing with my brother, I saw what for the first time in my life I would call the devil. Actually, we both saw this being and it was not the only experience. Years later, when I was 9, it was very frequent for me to smell wood and jasmine just hours before an acquaintance passed away. From then, I started to draw conclusions and I realized that if I was able to see the devil, it meant I could also see God.” Bruja Wicca explains.

When she was 11 years old, Bruja Wicca expressed to her parents her disagreement with the Catholic religion and her desire to study and investigate in depth the truth about God. 

At the age of 16, Bruja Wicca was dabbling in different groups and sects where all beliefs were questioned and thus she began her informal study of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Today, Bruja Wicca runs a magic school called HKT, where she teaches more than 250 people the fundamentals to become witches, magicians, shamans and mediums, depending on their ancestral roots and their natural talents.

I conduct decoding sessions and Egyptian Tarot daily with dozens of people who contact me to make important decisions in their lives.” She adds.

Around the end of 2019, Bruja Wicca felt an internal struggle between technology and the need to tell the world her story. Once she began to share her life on social media, she started to receive good traction and even letters from her followers thanking her because they no longer felt so lonely or weird.

In other words, my followers had found their tribe. This is when we started to meet; witches and magicians from all over the world.” Bruja Wicca says.

Bruja Wicca is convinced that everyone has a purpose. After seeing what was happening during the pandemic and her determination to ensure her daughter did not go through suffering, she was motivated to join this industry and make a living from it.

I was motivated by my daughter, and by seeing the power of people, the monopoly of information, the collective fear, hopelessness, and many more things that made me remember the mission I came here for. I don’t want to see my daughter or anyone else feeding fear and injustice because in the end, life is not that serious, and if you die today, the world goes on. Everyone came with a unique and authentic mission they need to execute.” Bruja Wicca states.

In her journey, Bruja Wicca has experienced different circumstances that have been challenging. The most difficult obstacle was the two years of her life where she struggled with anxiety.

My anxiety unleashed panic and severe insomnia, but thanks to it fear became my friend. I transmuted it.” She says. 

Bruja Wicca is different from other witches and astrologists because she is always sincere. She has nothing to hide and will say whatever she thinks about occultism and anything else she considers worthy of expressing.

Looking to the future, Bruja Wicca wants to completely digitize her magic school leaving only a small physical extension of it, which will serve only for the consecrated magicians.

I want to take this experience to the metaverse where I am certain that people need it now more than ever. I also want to finish writing my book before retiring to the mountains.”

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