Erem Khan Followed Her Passion and Love for Dance and Choreography Despite Her Family’s Naysaying. Now, She is a Top Bollywood Choreographer. Find Out Her Story Below.

Erem Khan Followed Her Passion and Love for Dance and Choreography Despite Her Family’s Naysaying. Now, She is a Top Bollywood Choreographer. Find Out Her Story Below.

Sometimes family can be your greatest motivator or a group of people who do not believe in your dreams. For Erem Khan, her family was both of these things at the same time! Her parents were background dancers on Bollywood movies, and she grew up surrounded by arts and dance. However, her extended family never approved of her desire to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Despite this, she continued to push for her dream at every turn and waivered in her commitment to the arts!

Born and brought up in the slums of Mumbai-India, I was a carefree teen, my mother is my biggest motivator and believed that early training in arts and sports will help her daughter to flourish in the future. Confidence never left my heart when my extended family crushed my dreams of becoming a dancer. Against the odds, I started out as one of the youngest Associate Choreographers in the Indian Film Industry in 2007,” Erem explains.

From there, Erem’s dancing career took off! She was asked many times to represent India on the world stage as a cultural ambassador and even danced in front of the United Nations. It was after these experiences that Erem realized she could spread her talent far and wide by creating a dance company so she slowly began to pull the pieces together.

With zero knowledge in business but a 100% faith in my passion I embarked on my journey towards creating a culturally collaborative dance company. We now train in 7 cities in Texas and have trained over 500 dance loving students. Stage Skuare a.k.a Ethnique Performing Art’s dance team was one of the few Indian Group to perform at Halftime show for Dallas Mavericks. I am the most reputed Indian choreographer in Dallas with excellent relationships with all major South East Asian Show Promoters and Distributors,” Erem says.

Now a full fledged entrepreneur,bollywood choreographer, and much more, Erem feels she is uniquely qualified in this business because she has had twenty years of her own experience dancing internationally! Her lessons are based on the talent and techniques that she has honed over the years. 

Because of having 20 years of first hand experience in the Indian Film Industry and having been a part of magnanimous film production that create trends world wide, I am the highest experienced Bollywood dance choreographer in Dallas. Ethnique Performing Arts has been the fastest growing Bollywood dance company because of the incomparable service we provide in Dallas. It is my duty to pass on the knowledge that I possess and we plan to bring in more highly qualified instructors who can join our mission of preserving and flourishing the essence of ethnic dance styles,” Erem details.

Throughout her career, Erem hasn’t even felt like there are major obstacles that have gotten in her way because she has simply clung to her passion and let it guide her. Now, more than 20 years later, she is continuing on with new projects to spread her craft even further. Erem lays out her plans below: 

“We are currently working on a Music Video Production that will be published on a Major Music Label in Mumbai – India. Our team in India will be filming it in November. Additionally our dance school is prepping for Broadway Musical Showcase in 2023 which will be open to the public. We are also very thrilled to be choreographing for a very special organization called Texas Indo American Physicians Society (TIPS) for their annual charity gala – The Heart of the Matter Reducing Cardiovascular Risk.”

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