Fashion But Make It Meaningful – Megha Rao’s holiCHIC Brand Is Helping Women Embrace Their Culture

Fashion But Make It Meaningful – Megha Rao’s holiCHIC Brand Is Helping Women Embrace Their Culture

Indian-American Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Megha Rao runs a fully e-commerce fashion brand, which specializes in South Asian fusion fashion. Her label, holiCHIC, came about due to her unique style and passion for fashion. As the daughter of Indian immigrants, Megha often found herself inspired by both of her unique dynamic worlds of East and West. She initially fell in love with South Asian fashion during her Summers in Mumbai, where she would go in search of fabrics with her grandmother. Eventually, she began curating unique looks for herself by pulling pieces from her western wardrobe and complementing them with trinkets her grandmother would give her. From here, the concept of holiCHIC was born – a connection between Eastern and Western wardrobes, which could tastefully represent the modern Southern Asian woman. 

“I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear in my own closet! Growing up as an Indian-American I craved a fusion style that could blend both my worlds and represent who I was. Because I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear I began creating my own looks pulling from my Indian and American wardrobes. This eventually turned into my label,” explains Megha. 

As Megha struggled to bridge the gap between both of her cultures, this void was what drove her to create holiCHIC. She created this brand as an extension and celebration of both her South Asian & American identities and a way to represent who she is through fashion. 

“To me, success means building a community. holiCHIC isn’t just creating products and selling them. I want my products to mean something to the people who wear them,” says Megha. 

Because the vision behind holiCHIC has such an important place in Megha’s heart, she wants her clients to connect and understand her brand and the fact that both identities can be embraced in one. For Megha, her clients are an extension of her brand. 

This year, Megha Rao launched a new website that provides a better user experience and helps customers feel more connected to the brand. At the same time, holiCHIC has increased their inventory and is decreasing their shipping time. Megha is also focused on testing out ready-to-wear items that will continue to launch throughout the different collections. 

“My label represents a thoughtful movement of designing garments for quality, versatility and longevity. It allows customers to shop in a more meaningful, sustainable way, building a wardrobe with timeless staples they can wear season after season,” says Megha. 

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