Felipe Riaño Jaramillo, Colombian Business Consultant former Spy Trainer: Learn More.

Felipe Riaño Jaramillo, Colombian Business Consultant former Spy Trainer: Learn More.

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, it is not enough to have a good idea to start selling a product or service. It is also necessary to know how to send the right message to persuade people to prefer the product of a seller and not another. For that, people should tap into the services of someone with public speaking and negotiation expertise.

Felipe Jaramillo is a Colombian businessman and an expert in the subjects of negotiation and public speaking. He is considered worldwide as one of the most renowned experts in Latin America in terms of persuasive communication and influence. 

Today, Felipe offers corporate and personal training on persuasion and influence through his company FRJ Comunicaciones. His motivation lies in being able to help people, especially Latinos to improve their way of communicating and negotiating with other people.

“With better communication, people can achieve better sales and relate to another category of buyers that could help them in their work. When people are more professional when talking about their business, sales will tend to rise.” Felipe shares.

Felipe decided to enter the industry of persuasion and influence in the world of negotiation when he resigned from his position in a multinational. He had always wanted to have his own business and dedicate himself to serving other people. 

“I was in charge of handling communications for the South American region for the Coca-Cola FEMSA company. Currently, I am the Director and Founder of FRJ Comunicaciones.” He adds.

Previously, Felipe studied Persuasive Public Speaking at Harvard University. He has also trained with top agents of the F.B.I and the C.I.A. in the fields of non-verbal communications, influence and lie detection.

This led Felipe to be a spy trainer for Colombia’s Department of Homeland Security and Intelligence. He has trained more than 32,000 people, 1,100 medical speakers, and 380 large and multinational companies, as well as 160 top executives in more than 21 countries.

Tapping into his vast experience, Felipe wrote the book “How a leader speaks“, which was one of the five best-selling books in Colombia in 2021. He also worked in an international show broadcasted by the NTN24 channel where he interviewed important public figures such as Nobel Prize laureates, Emmy’s winners and personalities of great importance in the business world.

Felipe manages to differentiate himself from others because he has been a trainer of spies, helping them develop skills in areas of persuasion, influence and communication. He has previously showcased his expertise in behavior and communications through his TEDx talk “The Will: Strong as a Marshmallow.”

“My advice to people thinking about starting their own business is to be focused at all times.” Felipe states, and adds, “The biggest challenges when starting a business are: ourselves, since we can at times be our own worst enemy; not having a clear business model; and not being disciplined when we need to learn abilities to sell and communicate. For all of this, mindset is the most essential since it is the foundation of any new business.”

This has gotten Felipe through not just business difficulties but also personal obstacles, such as the fact that his mother had to undergo brain surgery, his closest uncle and his only grandmother died soon after, his best friend died in his arms and a year later he got separated from his partner.

In the near future, Felipe is working on his second book and will continue to offer persuasion, public speaking and negotiation courses, which he thinks is the key to good leadership.

“Communication and negotiation are the two foundational pillars of an influential leader.” Felipe says.

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