Fortune Hands: Fortune Jewelry for Latin America and the US

Fortune Hands: Fortune Jewelry for Latin America and the US

Fortune Hands sells beautiful fortune jewelry in the United States and Mexico too. This business was created by Alfredo Felix when he started selling their signature 4-leaf clover purse.

Apart from purses, their jewelry also encompasses necklaces and bracelets. It also offers the option of designing a specific piece a client may want. Recently, they have added caps to their catalog of products.

Alfredo Felix decided to create Fortune Hands in 2016. He has always been a creative person with a need to bring new things to life. When he noticed people wanted to have his creations and some even wanted to copy them, Alfredo established his own brand.

“I wanted to improve myself; after seeing the potential I have and how I can be better with that, I began to establish goals and it helped me economically but also personally”, explains Alfredo. In this sense, he believes that the biggest challenges you may face in such a journey are believing and listening to yourself.

Additionally, he believes that having the right mindset is everything to run your own business. Another important aspect is to really know the public you want to target with your product. With these 2 factors you can be unstoppable.

When starting your own business, Alfredo recommends setting goals and the way to achieve them. “From then onward, the key is to keep going, believe in yourself, do everything you can and never give up” is his motto.

Alfredo believes Fortune Hands is different from other brands because of the attention they provide to customers. Fortune Hands’ team generates a true connection with clients in order to know their desires and necessities when buying accessories. “Our biggest interest is the attention we give to our customers”, he expresses.

In the future, Alfredo wants to expand Fortune Hands worldwide with new customers that identify with the brand. “We are constantly innovating and researching where our market is going; we want to help people in special moments so they know what to give”, he comments.

Nowadays, Fortune Hands’ bestseller continues being Alfredo’ original 4-leaf clover for adults and children as well. Their physical store is located in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México, but they also have international shipping that arrives at your door. They are particularly recognized by the latin community in the United States as well. You can check Fortune Hands’ beautiful creations on their website here.