From homegrown remedy to skincare revolution, True Skincare is changing the way we look at our skin

From homegrown remedy to skincare revolution, True Skincare is changing the way we look at our skin

In 2016, True Skincare CEO Mia Pratt faced an acute skin disorder. This chronic skin condition caused her to be very insecure about her appearance. At times she did not even want to leave her house. Unable to find a product that supported black and brown skin, Mia (better known to the public as “Poca”) went on a quest to heal her skin and realized she could change the world of skincare in the process. 

From inside her Philadelphia, PA home, Poca developed an all-natural skincare mask that helped repair her skin. She was confident this mask was TRULY the skincare product that could help millions of people. Consequently, she resigned from her job as healthcare office manager and opened her own skincare company. With her signature product (the “Mother Mask”) in tote, True Skincare was born. 

Today, True Skincare offers a complete line of over 14 products and accessories. This illustrious line of products includes but is not limited to their highly sought-after True Regimen Kit, the must-have Keep Calm Cucumber Facial Toner, the ever so popular True Serum and of course, their signature product, the Mother Mask. Loyal customers (“True Friends”) find the Gentle Facial Scrubber and Jade Roller very useful as well. 

Inspired by her passion for skincare and the success that TrueSkin Care products have brought to hundreds of customers, Poca decided to continue her skincare journey by becoming a licensed Aesthetician. In 2021, after obtaining her Aesthetician’s license, she established her second company, a full-service skincare boutique, True Skin Oasis.

As a dual licensed Aesthetician in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Poca stays fully immersed in the ever-changing skincare industry. Her passion for knowledge allows her to stay informed with the most effective ingredients and latest technology in skincare. 

Poca feels very blessed to do what she loves, and her desire to help anyone who suffers from a skin affliction is the driving force behind everything she does. Because of her dedication and love for the industry, she has gained the credibility and loyalty of her clients. Thus, she ensures True Skincare and True Skin Oasis focuses on producing positive results for their customers.