From Immigrant-daughter to successful Entrepreneur, Karmisha Superville shares her made-for-Hollywood story

From Immigrant-daughter to successful Entrepreneur, Karmisha Superville shares her made-for-Hollywood story

Entrepreneur Karmisha Superville is no stranger to tough setbacks. Now the owner of a lucrative New York-based event planning business, EBK Events, Karmisha nevertheless faced early challenges during her climb to the top. Born to a single mother, and a distant father, Karmisha emigrated from the island of Trinidad & Tobago at age 13, settling down in New York City. Now, Karmisha hopes to share her story with the world through her new book titled Power-shift Your Brand.

“From an early age, I knew that my life was going to be shaped first and foremost by my mindset. Starting in junior high, I was bullied by other students and had to work every day just to keep my chin up and emotions under control. I recalled one such classmate who literally terrorize me during lunch breaks. He would push me around whenever he saw me talking with friends. I hated going to school because of this constant bullying. However, I endured and became the first college graduate from my immediate family, there was a ton of pressure to succeed, and I burned myself out pretty quickly working at a hyper-competitive telecommunications firm. It wasn’t until I was fired from that job for a petty mistake that I realized I needed to take my career and life into my own hands.”

Since setting out on her own, Karmisha has built a premier event management firm, planning and hosting events for everything from New York Fashion Week and private galas, to non-profit fundraisers and community meetups. By focusing on mission-driven events, EBK Events has been able to distinguish itself clearly in New York’s overcrowded market space. Now moving into her seventh year at the head of EBK, Karmisha shares some insights into what sets her business apart:

“In my seven years in event planning, I have worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrities out there: New York Fashion Week, Miss America Nia Franklin, Fat Joe, Yandy Smith, Yemi Kosibah all have graced my signature events. But no matter who shows up, my advice to new entrepreneurs is always to stay humble and rooted in empathy. I believe empathy can solve many of the deep-rooted issues in our society today. You may think you know more than others in the industry, but making connections and keeping customers happy is core to growing a business. In order to have true longevity, you must remain humble and gracious.”

Mindset, without a doubt, is the key theme in Karmisha’s newest publication, Power-shift Your Brand. In the book, Karmisha shares the story of her earliest setbacks and first tastes of success, along with tips for avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls that she made along the way. From weathering the coronavirus to securing early funding, Karmisha opens up about the struggles of building a business as a first-generation immigrant and woman of color.

“Mindset is everything for me. I recall when I first got fired from my dream job; I was broken, I didn’t even want to look for another job. But I knew this behavior was untenable in the long-term; that I needed to change something and fast. In my new book, Power-shift Your Brand, I talk about mindset and the power behind cultivating a healthy mindset daily. From figuring out your ideal clientele, marketing your business, and access to funding, I reveal my story and how I got my business off the ground.”

With this in mind, Karmisha is hoping to get her book in the hands of other young entrepreneurs who might want to launch their own business, but don’t know where to start. Her next projects also include booking more speaking engagements, to connect directly with those she hopes to help, while building out interactive online courses to complement her book. In sum, Karmisha is just excited to grow her business and help others to do the same!

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