From Pageants to Fashion, Kimia Shajii Inspires Little Girls to Be Just Who They Are

From Pageants to Fashion, Kimia Shajii Inspires Little Girls to Be Just Who They Are

Kimia Shajii is an American model, influencer and Instagram. She has around 134.7k followers where she shares her daily life and routines. She also publishes content in her Pinterest and Tik Tok.

Kimia was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts with Iranian heritage. When she was young she flipped through magazines and admired the models that were in it. She decided to try and sign herself in many modeling contests, making her fall in love with it. Kimia did not win every contest, but she loved it so much she never quit and always kept trying. In the pageantry world she got a taste to pose, wear great clothes, dance and win awards. “I love the thrill of the international competition”, she says.

She came into the limelight after her pictures on Instagram went viral. Due to her beauty and her body, Kimia stayed under the spotlight in social media. She saw this as an opportunity to share her lifestyle through her different platforms and start working as a model.

Kimia shares that she loves helping people and modeling lets her do something she loves while raising money for charities and causes. She hopes she can continue to do so day to day.

To Kimia, success is something you define yourself and has a different meaning for each one of us. “It is never too late to write your success story. Numerous people think that they are too old to succeed. Success has no deadline. I know when my mind is closed to new ideas and resisting change, I’m not achieving my definition of success”, she comments.

In this sense, she recommends to all those starting a business to have a detailed plan and network. She shares that in the industry she works in you need a great team. Additionally, she comments to not get discouraged when you don’t succeed at first; use the rejections as motivation to do better.

Kimia precisely knows a lot about rejection. She not only couldn’t win every pageant she participated in as a child, but also received many negative answers in the modeling industry. She managed to use them as fuel to keep going.

“Not feeling comfortable in my own skin was another obstacle I faced in the modeling industry. Photographers always wanted you to change, to be able to pose right and to make high quality pictures. There are even agencies that ask their girls to lose weight, and that is a problem”, she states. Going through these challenges was very hard and without a strong mindset, she probably could not have continued. She says that this is the reason why you should do something you enjoy.

“We learn and improve from being comfortable about making mistakes and learning from them, embracing challenges, taking on negative feedback, not feeling threatened by the success of others and being resilient. What you think about consistently has a direct impact on your behavior, and not the other way around”, she shares.

Kimia wants to make the most out of her modeling career. She wants to be an inspiration to the many little girls that want to follow her steps into that world. She believes are still seeing the same type of beauty in the publications, runways, ect. “I want to take my career to the next level. Being a role model isn’t about showing people how to look like you; is about using your freedom to show other people it’s safe to be themselves”.