Gabriel Toro: From College Drop out to the World of Speculation, Now a Reference for Investing

Gabriel Toro: From College Drop out to the World of Speculation, Now a Reference for Investing

Gabriel Toro is a Colombian entrepreneur, reference of investment and speculation. He informs and guides people to have monetary results to achieve their objectives.

After dropping out from college and working different jobs, Gabriel finds his way into the world of finance. In 2016 he started learning about trading and finances, right now he teaches thousands of students weekly how to speculate and how to create an investment portfolio with different assets, commodities, cryptocurrencies and virtual real estate. 

Gabriel believes that, even though nowadays it can be very easy to find information about investing and speculation, a coherent education by people who have been successful in the market is necessary. 

His mission was highly influenced by his childhood. When his father lost his job, his mother began to sell books and his father to sell jumping ropes on the streets to make a living. He began his enterprise wanting to help his family and then realized he can help more people.

“I believe there is abundance for everyone out there and I want to be a channel of blessing for people. I want to have an impact on them with knowledge that will take them to different levels”, comments Gabriel.  

After 3 years in the investment market, Gabriel reached his first million dollars in sales. He believes that everyone that wants to start their own business faces many challenges, but these 4 bullets are the biggest learnings he got:

  1. External opinions can discourage you, especially when you are just in the beginning. Faith and believing in your goal will keep you going.
  2. We must expose our ideas with strength and determination.
  3. We must accept rejection. “It is part of the journey and it will shape us as entrepreneurs”, he shares.
  4. Consistency is key. Sometimes the road can be hard and uncomfortable, but continuing is what will set you apart. 

Additionally, Gabriel comments, “your mindset is everything. It will keep you afloat when you don’t see results, and will keep you working the days you’re tired and feel it is not worthy. A great mindset is needed for a great business”.

To anyone who wants to start their own business, Gabriel recommends finding a mentor, but not necessarily someone to know in person. A mentor can be anyone that inspires you. Their history and knowledge will be helpful when less expected. And most importantly, we tend to wait for the perfect moment to start, but there is no perfect moment, “we just fix the details on the way”.

His biggest obstacle was to get out of his comfort zone and to understand that sometimes results can only be seen in the long term. Gabriel establishes that his faith in God is what has guided him during his journey and what comforts him when he is scared. “Everyone believes in something and has something that keeps you going; to me that’s God”.

Nowadays, Gabriel stands as a reference for investing. He provides valuable information with techniques that have worked before and lead to results. In the future, he wants to expand his mission to 20 countries in Latin America, to teach the importance of investing and how to do it correctly.