Get to Know 2Group: The Successful Transportation Company Created by Oscar Bolaños That Is Interconnecting Regions & Providing Mobility Solutions Around the World

Get to Know 2Group: The Successful Transportation Company Created by Oscar Bolaños That Is Interconnecting Regions & Providing Mobility Solutions Around the World

Oscar Bolaños is quite an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. He has more than 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leads 6 major companies globally, both in the private and state sectors. Five of them are located in Colombia and the other in the United States, where Oscar and his team are achieving great international expansion, which allows them to generate more sources of employment, make their services known and be widely recognized in a challenging, competitive and constantly changing market.

In fact, his company 2Group has reached several places through their multimodal transport services by air, sea, fluvial and terrestrial, delivering medical supplies, food and provisions, impacting thus the lives of thousands of people! 

“I dreamed of a company that would interconnect regions and provide mobility solutions in a timely, safe, efficient way and with high quality standards. My goal was always for my company to stand out for its effectiveness and innovation. Precisely thanks to this, I have been able to travel around the world and this has broadened my business and personal vision, which has led me to create new business models”, Oscar explains.

The idea of creating his company was born when the Uber company arrived in Colombia, approximately 10 years ago. Uber presented a very interesting model of transport applications, completely innovative and that broke the schemes of the use of taxis as a private service. 

Oscar started his journey with two vehicles in Uber, but over time he decided to innovate and incorporate armored vehicles into the market, because the profit margin was higher in comparison with other vehicles. Later, in addition to his armored vehicles, he included air services and, during the covid pandemic, also added fluvial maritime transport services.

“The covid 19 pandemic represented a 360-degree turn at the organizational and business level for us. The factors that catapulted our results and made us successful in those circumstances were mainly the passion and dedication of the 40 collaborators, who day by day work hard to move the world. During this crisis, we relied on the financial strength, the operational capacity and the technology we had as an organization”, Oscar adds.

They manage to stand out from other similar businesses because their customer service is personalized, unlike other companies that are similar in the market. What’s more, they do the entire logistics operation from the first contact with the customer! All their services are automated but, since they’re a luxury services company, they want their clients to feel exclusive and cared for.

“One of our biggest differences from the competition is that we are always available to our clients: from the general management area to the operational area. We are there, 24/7. For us the most important thing is and always will be the client”, Oscar details.

When asked about success, he shared that for him success means reaching all his goals, as well as his professional and personal challenges. In fact, success is the consequence to work with perseverance, to improve every day and to take advantage of the opportunities that the market has to offer.

“I also ask myself how I can deal with fear in a positive way. Fear cannot be completely eliminated; we can simply choose how to face it.  An excellent exercise to overcome it is visualizing success, seeing how you will feel when your project is victorious. Who will be with you? What will you do? Where will you be? Practice it each day!”, Oscar advises.

His plans for 2023 are really interesting,  as he describes them below:

“My main project is to work more for the community, through my company I can reach many people who need it and inspire others. I always want to be working for society and helping those who need it most! I also want to venture more into the digital world, implementing models of business that generate profitability 24/7.”

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