Get To Know Lemle Beauty: The Well-Renowned Beauty Studio That Is Revolutionizing The Fashion and Beauty Industry

Get To Know Lemle Beauty: The Well-Renowned Beauty Studio That Is Revolutionizing The Fashion and Beauty Industry

Starting a career in fashion is a popular dream for people who love style, beauty, trends and art. Pursuing this type of career takes effort and commitment, but it can be a satisfying path for people who are self-motivated and passionate. The same happens with the beauty industry: this career is very demanding but yet, one of the most promising professions. However, it is not always easy to access these industries, especially if you are a person who is starting out and does not have a large contact base.

In that sense, Lemle Beauty is a beauty studio and a cosmetic brand that is focused on teaching people how to start working in the fashion and beauty industry.  Veronika Lemle, also known as Nika Lemle, is the successful business woman behind this company. The studio has over 2000 students who are starting their careers and want to make sure they succeed with Veronika’s classes.

The main purpose of Lemle Beauty is to teach all their students quality information, useful in today’s society, and to provide a practical guide for all people who do not know how to start working in the fashion or beauty industry. In addition, the academy hopes to become a national and international benchmark, as well as continue to expand their services and reach.

Veronika is the ideal person to teach about fashion and beauty because she is a fashion stylist, a producer and a model coach. She has worked with many magazine photographers, well-renowned brands, models and influencers in New York, Paris and Miami.

“I have a big goal to build a strong fashion and beauty business where people could support each other and grow professionally together. I love to be a coach, I love when people start to change their life, and start to have more freedom and happiness. But my greatest desire is to support and help women start a new fashion and beauty profession easier”, Veronika explains.

Lemle Beauty supports people who want to follow their dreams, open their businesses and become fashion or beauty professionals. The business also has a cosmetic brand, under the same name, that provides the best quality with organic ingredients in the market. Part of their purpose is to show how beautiful is natural beauty, that enhances the natural attributes of each person.

What’s more, Veronika has a new project called Brow Lashes Studio, which is centered around brow cosmetics and where classes are also taught for professionals in the eyebrows industry. She is also continuing with her project “Fashion and Posing coaching IMA Lemle”, for all people interested in fashion or modeling.

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