GGA Solutions Provides 360 Value To Their Clients, Employees and Partners: Learn More About This Business Process Outsourcing Company

GGA Solutions Provides 360 Value To Their Clients, Employees and Partners: Learn More About This Business Process Outsourcing Company

Daniel Rangel is one of the founders of GGA Solutions, a business process outsourcing and contact center company that focuses on people. They provide 360 value to their clients, employees and partners.

GGA Solutions offers its services to American companies. With a team of highly talented and experienced professionals, who are very attuned to American culture, and can work with Mexican-based companies without language barriers.

Being a provider of services such as the creation of customer service teams, technical support, software development, and more, GGA Solutions seeks to foster a healthy and friendly environment, where decisions are made based on whether or not they are beneficial to the client.

To be able to do this, GGA Solutions dedicates a lot of effort to ensuring they provide support to their staff. They are committed to hiring, recruiting and developing the best employees in their industry, which is why they have become the employer of choice in their area.

We understood that, if we take proper care of our team, they will take care of the clients and it becomes a perfect circle.” Daniel explains.

When starting a business, it is not always easy to have the trust of customers and enjoy a good reputation. But in the case of GGA Solutions, that is an essential point in their favor because they have a distinguished team of great professionals.

This starts with Valeria Rico, the CEO, who has been a pioneer in creating BPOs supporting US businesses from Tijuana since the late 1990s; Socorro Maravilla, whose experience in Human Resources creating cultures in Mexico is unmatched; Carlos Coronel, a CFO with experience serving public and private companies in Mexico and the United States; Milton Valenzuela, who brings a wealth of experience in training strategies and quality of service, having led companies of more than 1,000 people; Berenice Uribe, who has operational experience creating high-performance teams; and Daniel Rangel, a strategist who finds opportunities where few, or where some are afraid to even start to look. 

Overall, GGA Solutions stands out for its PeopleFirst policy through which they not only design the solutions and services they provide to customers, but also base the support they provide to their staff.

“Our team can connect either from home or from our offices, with a smile to help our client’s customers solve the problems, challenges, or simply doubts that they face day after day.” Daniel shares.

GGA Solutions offers better administrative solutions that improve customer experience and organizational efficiency, business process outsourcing processes with U.S. style training, scheduling, and workplace rules.

As mentioned before, at GGA Solutions, language is not a barrier but a tool to help you achieve your goals and that is why its representatives speak not only English and Spanish but also Portuguese and Mandarin.

GGA Solutions has been offering services in Mandarin since last year and has clients in the financial services sector. The company’s Mandarin team provides customer, technical, and retail support.

Additionally, GGA Solutions offers industry-leading staff training that actually exceeds the standards required by corporate America. GGA’s own agents go through this rigorous training program before they start working at the company.

GGA is focused on following the training processes for their clients, adjusting the training to the Mexican culture, in order to maximize the knowledge transfer.” Daniel explains.

On top of all of this, GGA Solutions’ services are accessible and offered at competitive prices. They have designed cost-effective solutions and are able to assemble teams for 40% of the regular cost.

With GGA, you get high-quality service and support while saving a significant amount of capital.” Danile adds.
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