Ghersi Management is the Best Company For Influencer and Celebrity Management and Builds on the Experience of an International Model

Ghersi Management is the Best Company For Influencer and Celebrity Management and Builds on the Experience of an International Model

Alejandra Ghersi also known as Ale Ghersi, is an entrepreneur and talent manager who offers different services through her company such as celebrity and influencer management, consulting for brands and content creators, creative direction, production, and creation of high-quality content as well as styling and makeovers.

Since her childhood, Ale was surrounded by the media because her family owned radio companies, newspapers, and marketing agencies in Venezuela. She started modeling when she was 17 years old.

Soon after, Ale went to Mexico with a modeling agency and from there she began her career as an international model traveling to different parts of the world and working with different managers and agencies.

This opened the door for her to participate in runways in different events and galas such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Miami Fashion Week. Ale also participated in TV commercials and music videos with artists like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Wilson, and Yandel.

Having worked in so many productions gave me a lot of knowledge and contacts within the industry which facilitated my decision in 2019 to start working as a manager of a renowned top model and a year later launch my agency Ghersi Management,” Ale says.

Ale noticed there was a gap and decided to be the solution. SHe realized that many artists need to be able to access campaigns with the brands they want so she learned to develop customized strategies according to the needs of the artist or the brand.

I was helped by my experience and contacts. Many managers and agencies, production companies, taught me how everything worked and helped me to create alliances that in 2020 I decided to use to create Ghersi Management, which is a company that works in a totally innovative way where my talents have control of everything,” Ale explains.

Many artists turned to Ale for guidance in order to work on campaigns and events, which allowed her to realize her potential and that is when she decided to start Ghersi Management. 

The experience that Ale now has as a talent in the industry has made her stand out, being able to cover from a different perspective the needs of her talents or the people she represents. 

In her professional career, Ale has overcome a great number of obstacles that have taken her to the point where she is today. However, according to what she says, one of the biggest obstacles she has overcome was being away from her family.

Ale considers that the biggest challenge when starting a business is making the decision to start. After having started the challenge is being constant and staying motivated for which you have to have a positive mindset.

A good mindset is a fundamental tool that can lead you to success or failure. I believe that a positive mentality to challenges is the secret to success.” Ale shares.

Currently, Ale is focused on growing her management company internationally and is finishing a book dedicated to mental health. Learn more about her here.