Gia Macool is a Social Media Consulting Expert, Global YouTuber, Athlete and Real Estate Professional

Gia Macool is a Social Media Consulting Expert, Global YouTuber, Athlete and Real Estate Professional

Gia Macool is a social media consulting expert with more than eight million followers, an author, public speaker, YouTuber, and athlete who runs a digital marketing business and is very passionate about helping others.

Gia is also a self-made entrepreneur who has become very active in the real estate industry. Before Gia joined the real estate industry, she worked in a gym, which allowed her to slowly allocate some money to invest later on.

One of my first jobs was managing a gym. I rode my bike to and from work, 10 miles, every day. I taught classes. I saved every penny I made, and I started investing in real estate. From there I got involved in other investments and started making 7 figures at a very young age.” Gia shares.

Already at 24, Gia was in a situation that allowed her to travel, train and manage her business and all of that before the social media boom.

I learned how to manage every aspect of my business before I had help before social media was created. I was already learning how to create my own brand and social media was a great tool to do this.” Gia explains.

Gia was motivated to work in the real estate industry because she wants to help others understand that they too can achieve their goals as long as they keep their feet on the ground and are willing to work.

Those who give up in the face of challenges have not learned to thrive under pressure. No one is coming to save you, no one is going to hand you your goals, you must achieve them on your own.” Gia says.

After many years and have achieved success in different areas, Gia advises those who want to have their own business to focus on being able to give an answer to “What is your long-term goal?” Because money and fame should never be the motivation. It is also very important to have the right mindset.

You have to be willing to focus on the long term and stick it out, you have to go beyond yourself to make the goal a reality. Everything starts in the mind first, words and thoughts are very powerful. We have to understand that everything we say on a daily basis ends up happening.” Gia states.

During her journey, Gia has had to overcome several obstacles and barriers such as some limiting beliefs. This challenged her capacity to focus. Nowadays, she does not see competitors as she only focuses on her performance and being better every day, which will allow her to help many more people succeed.

If you lead from a place of authenticity and work ethic, those who do the same as you will only come along with more strength.” She adds.

Gia is currently working on some investments and finishing her marketing classes, always eager to help more people succeed. If you want to know more about Gia, follow her on her social media networks YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter,  and also here.