Improve Your Sales This Year With David Guzman Rios: The Sales Mastermind Expert Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry

Improve Your Sales This Year With David Guzman Rios: The Sales Mastermind Expert Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry

How can we get to connect better with our clients? Neuro-selling has become a great tool to learn how consumers think, feel and act when making a purchase decision. In addition, it allows us to work on ourselves to identify all those factors that influence the consumer and thus strengthen the bond between the seller and the client, understanding the client’s emotions and behaviors.

Neurosales arise with basic knowledge of neuromarketing, neuroscience, communication, neuro linguistic programming, psychology and neuropsychology. Making neurosales a methodology focused on connecting correctly and effectively with consumers, based on a comprehensive vision of the human being: rational, emotional and instinctive.

In that context, David Guzman Rios, also known as David Sales Mastermind, is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who leads high-impact sales teams in the insurance sector. He is also president of a company called MASTER FIGHTERS, dedicated to the promotion of mixed martial arts, muay thai and kickboxing, but also dedicated to combining their 5 important and basic elements that are cultural, educational, sports, social and show business.

“I started my insurance business at the age of 18 and that gave me the opportunity to do the fighting business, which is what really fulfills me in life and I am passionate about”, David explains.

He manages to stand out from the crowd because of the high quality of his work and his great expertise. Today, David has given over 250 conferences and has received over 750 inquiries, all with great success. He also dedicates to giving conferences on neurosales and emotion management, while having fun selling and advising people how to create his brand and generate more sales in this millennial era.

“I have spent more than 10 years investing in issues of being, mastermind programming and giving my own meaning to important words in my life, such as success, money and love. This has made my life acquire a true meaning, far removed from what it had before”, he adds.

To get where he is today, David had to face some big difficulties such as overcoming two big bankruptcies. As he says, the first one was emotional which made his life have no real meaning. This led him to the second important bankruptcy: the financial one. These two bankruptcies at the same time made his life a real chaos,  so David hit rock bottom and rethought his entire existence.

Thanks to all his effort and expertise, David was able not only to overcome these great obstacles, but also to become a benchmark in his industry, while helping hundreds of people to change their lives.

“If you’re trying to start a new business, enjoy the process, both the good and the bad. Learn to make effective decisions and not lose focus on the goal, get together with people from whom you can learn a lot. Always continue to prepare every day to innovate and be a benchmark in the market, not be a commodity!”, David advises.

He is currently working on growing his Master Fighters company internationally and on connecting with more successful people in order to be able to tell their stories to inspire lives!To find out more about David, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check his website here.