Improving Credit Scores and Cooking Up a Storm: Go Behind the Scenes with The Credit Chef

Improving Credit Scores and Cooking Up a Storm: Go Behind the Scenes with The Credit Chef

Charles Gregory Truvillion Jr sits at the intersection of two worlds many thought would never be combined – cuisine and credit. 

Known throughout the industry as The Credit Chef, Charles began his journey as a self-taught chef who learned simply by watching the Food Network. He bounced back and forth between cooking and the corporate world before the two finally combined and he became known as The Credit Chef. 

“So far we have helped over 5000 clients repair their credit in the past six years. Many have started their very own business while some have purchased their first home. The enjoyment I get from helping a consumer increase their credit scores is far more satisfying than enhancing their palate. We help them Taste the Outcome of healthy credit,” The Credit Chef remarks. 

The Credit Chef owes his remarkable insight of credit to his “credit dad”, someone that taught him all the ins and outs of the business. At the beginning of his teachings, he learned the importance of credit cards and business credit. Tragically, his mentor passed away before they could embark on their own business together. After returning and finally leaving corporate America, The Credit Chef was able to implement all the teachings he retained into his own life. First, he fixed his own credit that had been damaged from his attempts to enter the cooking industry. 

“I turned to my first love which was cooking and decided to give that a try rather than enter back into the corporate world. I learned real quick that cooking was something that I loved to do but the business part was a problem for me. I did not know how to charge clients and I was losing money pretty much cooking for free most times. My credit cards were maxed out and I didn’t even have a car. As I started working with the customers that came into our store I would see that they didn’t have good credit so I told them quick tips to help them,” The Credit Chef recalls. 

The rest, as they say, is history. The Credit Chef dedicated all his focus to his new business and clients that needed his help. Shortly after, he attended credit repair training in Tampa, Florida, where he was able to connect and network with other professionals working in the same field. 

“Upon leaving, I befriended one credit repair owner who suggested I call myself The Credit Chef. A lightbulb went off and I quickly trademarked the name. To date we have helped over 5,000 consumers repair their credit, buy a new home, or save money on their interest payments. This by far outweighs the feeling I would get when a new client tasted my dish because that is just a moment good credit is for a lifetime,” The Credit Chef says. 

Finding success in two vastly different industries came about for Charles due to his strong mindset. By building an impenetrable mind that is impervious to any negativity, he was able to focus on success, rather than dwell on anything that would distract him. 

He was always prepared for sleepless nights, as he recommends to any new entrepreneurs that come to him for advice. 

“Be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights. Write down all of your ideas on your phone and revisit them weekly. Don’t accept failure as an option,” The Credit Chef says. 

With a strong mindset and network, The Credit Chef has been able to find success, which in his eyes, is the freedom to enjoy time with his children and family without being told to sacrifice time with them. These moments, he knows, are never promised, and you need to make the time for them. 

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