Isabella Gutierrez Understands the Struggle of Being Overweight: That is Why She Launched FBH Nutrition

Isabella Gutierrez Understands the Struggle of Being Overweight: That is Why She Launched FBH Nutrition

The physical appearance of a person is not limited only to the aesthetic part of each person. Because our society cares a lot about it, appearance can also affect and influence the self-esteem and daily life of a person.

This focus on appearance leaves aside the values, abilities, and virtues that a person may have, and leads to cases of bullying at school, in the workplace and even within the members of some families.

Isabella Gutierrez comes from a family of Latin origin where the standard of beauty has a very important value. Her foray into the business world began very early when she was still studying at school where she was teased by her classmates for her physique as she was a young woman a little overweight for her age. 

It all started in high school, people used to make fun of my weight, giving me a hard time especially from my family, they even called me ‘gorda,’ which is a rude word for overweight in Spanish.” Isabella shares.

As a result of that situation, Isabella dedicated herself to finding a solution, managing to find a definitive method that has worked for her and through which she has managed to help many more women, not only to lose weight but also to feel better about themselves. 

When I finally found the correct method, I lost 30 pounds. When I saw the impact my story had, I started working hard to achieve the mission, which is to help as many women as I can to lose weight and become healthier.” Isabella explains.

Now, Isabella runs FBH Nutrition, which helps women lose weight so they can feel confident about themselves, focusing especially on those women who are not fitness and nutrition specialists and who for years have been trying to lose weight.

It’s a complete transformation that I offer, from top of the line supplements specially formulated for women, meal plans and individually designed workout routines, making sure each girl follows them. It’s not a diet, it’s not just about losing weight and getting healthier, which is very important, it’s also about feeling loved and giving love.” She adds.

The spark that started FBH Nutrition was seeing the results Isabella’s method had on her own body. She then decided to help as many women as possible to feel beautiful and confident. 

I know what it’s like to feel insecure and uncomfortable in your own skin, so I founded my company with the mission to help as many women as possible to feel their best. I believe that when women feel good about themselves, they can accomplish anything. That’s why I am passionate about my work and committed to creating the best possible experience for each and every one of my clients.” Isabella states.

When you do a good job and your clients are happy with the results, then there is no need to focus on the competition. Isabella has experienced that many times and so she feels there is no need to focus on her potential competitors.

I figure that if I care enough to give them a much better service than they are used to seeing, they will be too excited to want anything else, so there is no need for me to focus on differentiating myself from my competition. But if it had to be something external, other than me, it’s obesity, health issues, lack of self-esteem. Those are really my competition, and anyone or anything that helps against that, I see them as part of the same team.” She says.

As part of her future projects, Isabella will be focusing on growing her supplement company FBH Nutrition, as well as working with her husband and her team to launch a new program in 2022.

I’m very focused on FBH Nutrition and taking it to the next level. The number of women asking me how to eat healthy, which supplements are my favorites, and asking questions about their health has grown exponentially in the last year, so I’m looking forward to being there every step of their journey.” Isabella comments.

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