Ivory Tatum is Changing the Credit Industry With Online Credit Repair Through IDT Financial Solutions

Ivory Tatum is Changing the Credit Industry With Online Credit Repair Through IDT Financial Solutions

Ivory Tatum is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who has begun his journey to success. His ambition and commitment has led him to elevate all aspects of his life. He is currently enrolled at the University of North Texas, where he is pursuing a degree in business to help him overcome any obstacles that come his way. 

But Ivory is not only dedicated to his studies. He also works full-time as a general manager at Wendy’s to fund his business. This experience has taught him to be responsible with money management and has given him a taste of what it’s like to run a business.

Ivory runs IDT Financial Solutions, a completely online credit repair company, that is equipped with an experienced team of experts who work diligently. Through social media advertising, he is able to retain customers and build his brand. During the credit repair process, he removes negative items from credit reports that legally shouldn’t be there.

But credit repair goes beyond simply building credit. Ivory also helps people obtain homes, cars, and loans; This is important for felons who are just being reintroduced into society and need help getting those things. He even offers personal/business funding for young entrepreneurs who need access to large amounts of funding but don’t know where to find it.

Being an entrepreneur has always been Ivory’s goal since high school. Although he didn’t feel prepared enough to start that early, he is now able to fund his business with personal money and his confidence has grown after years of preparation.

Ivory is truly convinced that starting a business is a way to form an alternative path in society. It is for people who dream of living life independently and on their own time. Financial freedom is his  strongest motivation. He wants to be able to make his own decisions and live life on his own terms.

But starting a business is not without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges Ivory has faced is getting to know and building relationships with people. 

When you’re just starting out, you don’t have a following on social media or testimonials to back up your skills. So it’s very difficult for people to trust you and believe that you’re genuinely trying to help them.” Ivory says.

Ivory knows he has to promote himself and show why he’s the best. He is brave enough to meet new people and present at business events. It helps to be able to express his opinions to the public and get them to trust him. Once they believe in him, they will always come to him for services. 

It’s about making a connection with people and allowing them to relate to you.” Ivory comments.

Ivory was inspired to enter the credit repair industry because he believes credit is not talked about enough in schools or in society in general. However, it plays a very important role in people’s financial situation.

Ivory is trained to spread the word about the benefits of credit and teach how to leverage it to build financial freedom with IDT Financial Solutions. There is so much information hidden from the public that he believes everyone should know about it. 

As a young person, I want the next generations to be prepared when they reach adulthood.” Ivory shares.

By building credit at 18, Ivory was able to get a car with a low-interest rate and keep his monthly payment low. Although he has yet to take the plunge to buy a house, he is confident he can get one without any problems. 

Ivory is looking forward to creating more credit education opportunities. His main goal is to write a book where he can share the steps needed to build credit and how to maintain a good score once you earn it.

He is also interested in starting a podcast focused on business and entrepreneurship to present large amounts of information to the public. Podcasts are growing at a breakneck pace and he would love to be part of that journey. 

Podcasts create another platform for people to view my content, allowing me to reach more people who prefer that type of entertainment.” Ivory adds.

Ivory sets himself apart from the competition because of his genuine customer service. He treats each person with respect and wants to help anyone he can. For him, competition will not be able to keep up with the valuable information he is making available to the public.

This is just the beginning of Ivory Tatum and his family legacy. With his ambition and commitment, he is sure to achieve great things. Learn more about Ivory and how to book a free consultation with  IDT Financial Solutions here.