JeffTheEntrepreneur founded Changing Lives Consulting has led to TV Show Talks, Destination Masterminds, Speaking Engagements, Will Be One Of Top Features in LA Style Magazine at Most Influential of 2023, To Be Apart Of EFC Boxing Match July 9th In Tampa FL To Benefit Charity

JeffTheEntrepreneur founded Changing Lives Consulting has led to TV Show Talks, Destination Masterminds, Speaking Engagements, Will Be One Of Top Features in LA Style Magazine at Most Influential of 2023, To Be Apart Of EFC Boxing Match July 9th In Tampa FL To Benefit Charity

Imagine All Your Dreams Come True?  What Would It Look Like?  Some Say It May Look Like What Jeff J. Cunningham Has Built Out Of The Recession in 2020 By Truly Helping Other People.  Jeff J. Cunningham, Speaker, YouTuber and Podcast Host, Author And Better Known As @JeffTheEntrereneur Has Founded Changing Lives Consulting & Truly Are Changing Lives

June 20, 2022 (The Expresswire) — Sponsored event for Speaker Jeff J. Cunningham, Live At The Clubhouse, led to first destination Mastermind in Cancun and more to come!

The name Jeff J. Cunningham may sound more presidential than JeffTheEntrepreneur.  If you don’t know either, Jeff is founder of a consulting firm, using all his best connections and pure heart to help others win in the marketplace in business.  Jeff will be hosting his next closed door Mastermind in NJ, “Power of Systems”  where it will be more of a blue color event hosted by Colmn Fidgon and Irish man who enjoys a drink now and then, will host it at his Pub to give NJ a taste of what he first saw when he met JeffTheEntrepreneur.

It wasn’t always like this.  Years ago, you would have found Jeff a shell of the man he is today.  Depressed, Defeated and Diagnosed – Jeff was close to turning to drugs to numb the pain of his brother that he went to wake up one morning, and died due to drugs fentanyl.

JeffTheEntrpreneur was born.  And similar to Gary Ves one day buying the Jets, Jeff set out on a dream to build a franchise in honor of his brother – at the level of Starbucks or McDonalds he would always say – Kokomo Jays – A coffee shop / virtual music studio where he can host a talk show to inspire others and play music when not there.  He bought the domain – and because of his influence picked up an affiliate link for a coffee brand LYMI Coffee where he told his story on Country TV show with host Kali back in the middle of the pandemic. See the Dream here;

Jeff got his start after door to door solar, invested in a lead gen software that worked with his business partner Ahmad, that led to most of the genius now that others see when they seek out for his council to look over Copy or Offer in their marketing.  This has led to Jeff J. Cunningham personally rack up a premium for his consulting as multiple companies have flown him out to look over their brand, marketing, offer or systems. 

Jeff founded Changing Lives Consulting Group ( and daily still gets business by referrals, testimonials or word of mouth and now plans on another ad campaign after his acting CMO of and newest License of CLC Ceasar Munoz (founder of Silver Spoon Agency) and Ad Wizzard George Karafotis  – whose first campaign led to instant lead, and halted to build out systems.

Jeff J. Cunningham has improved his systems because of Andy Audate, who Jeff now has become a brand ambassador and got a deal done with the software Progreda ( where his business partner, mentor, friend, and new licensee of CLC as a trusted sources, Andy Audate who has brought on a team, and Progreda is a CRM, Email Campaign, Hosts Video Course, and Builds funnels – will be featuring Jeff at the Progression Conference in Vegas in November – giving out awards to those writing record invoices through the software Progreda, where the main vision is so they care about your progression as a business daily.

– See further report here on marketwatch
-See further report here on progreda

Although Jeff has studied many of the top entrepreneurs, one he recently gives credit to is Patrick Bet David and you will see him sitting proudly in the Founder Section at The Vault event at The Diplomat Hotel later this year.  Jeff also listens to few podcasts that have influence on his new possible show deal – PDB Podcast is one he listens to, along with Joe Rogan, Logan Paul with Impulsive Podcast and the new podcast The Pivot which he sends daily interviews from these shows to his team where that take notes and share, and implement information learned.

Jeff cannot share what the new show will be about as he plans to get on a call with another LA TV Producer, looking for the right fit for the right show to further the brand and mission of the dream of KokomoJays. We look forward to keeping an eye to see if anything comes of that.

Speaking of LA, Jeff spent some time after being up at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, courtesy CEO and Founder of All World Communications, Brian O. Murdock. Spending time in Culver City LA, for the client dear to Jeff’s heart for the mission of Brian O. Murdock as he is about “connecting the world” through technology and says at a time like this “What makes us all different, is what makes us all the same”  

Jeff has credited the consulting as life changing for him, as he got a shot and now is has been announced he will be in the upcoming coffee style book of LA Style Magazine of the Most Influential of 2023.

Jeff is now a highly sought after speaker, now increasing his rates by popular demand, as he is careful which events he picks to speak at as that have to live with his core values of him as he is the face of his newly founded company Changing Lives.

Perhaps it may be better to go to one of the destination Masterminds, that really look over companies brand or business to increase brand awareness and leads and sales – as Jeff josh got back from Cancun 4 Day Mastermind going over what is in his NO BRAINER OFFER digital coure.

Jeff credits all the great marketers before him, as he finds his name up there already with some of the marketing greats who will no doubt share at his online virtual marking master class he does Innovative Campaigns for new 6 Week Trainings or had a monthly premium membership where you can get access to him and his team without paying a heavy consulting fee right off that bat.

Jeff J Cunningham, Speaker, has limited upcoming speaking events and will be making it public which events he endorses or you will see him at.  Driven, The Vault, Forward event are some of the ones, and obviously if you know of Jeff J. Cunningham, the impact and what Grant Cardone has built with Brandon Dawson, he will be over in the florida area a lot, as Jeff credits his pitch increasing by Antonio White who he met through the 10x Community, as Jeff continues to invest in Mult-Family units as he increases his capital through consulting business. 
Jeff’s aunt has gifted him CD’s of Tony Robbins, and Jeff recently connected with Scott Gass trainer with Robbins, and so now don’t be surprised if you find Jeff is in the Diamond section with celebrities like Logan Paul at Tony Robbins biggest event ever – Unleash The Power Within.

The biggest surprise of all, is that Jeff J Cunningham, Speaker now, who used to be former Semi-Pro QB – took a Celebrity Boxing Match by EFC Boxing in Tampa FL, July 9th on 10 days notice.  JeffTheEntrepreneur took this fight because the charity, supports Breast Cancer, and Jeff lost his mom to breast cancer years ago with no life insurance, which is why he joined forces with Ed Mylet and built out automated webinar for the financial education to not leave families as a spot where he was.

Jeff has always been the guy to go for his family and friends, he credits a lot of his growth to his brother Josh Lewis (@JoshLewisGrowth)  who is making leadership go viral on tiktok – who has helped Jeff with countless things, including fixing his throwing motion when going for QB back in the day.

Jeff although seems to be never stopping, always dreaming, but really looks to be never sleeping, as truly as he merch line says ‘My Dreams Keep Me Awake’ – he finds time to spend with his family and his Dad who he now hired as a sales consultant onto his firm.  

Jeff just recently earned free admission to train for upcoming matches at both UFC Gym and Bare Bones Boxing as for a shoutout this influencer gets to live his dream daily, by helping others achieve theirs.

It truly seems like Jeff J Cunningham, Speaker & Influencer, is truly living the dream.

Follow more of the dream at Jeff’s IG:  @JeffTheEntreprenuer and his new backup IG account @JeffJCunninghamNFT means NEVER FORGET THIS the name.

You can also catch him on the Clubhouse app – where you see always contributing in Glen Lundy’s Breakfast with Champions, Nelsons Millionaire Marathon where he listens and learns with greats and his favorites like former CEO of T-Moblie John Legere, Grant Carone, Brad Lea and more.  You will also find Jeff in Debate The News, hosted by Jerry Malcom and Jonathan Bing.

With all the brand deals send to Jeff, one that is close to his heard is the upcoming Breakout Social where, Cody Harvey, co-founder of Kenneted has done a great job at getting other influencers like and talk show hosts like one of Jeff’s favorites – Cindy Stumpo who looks to always share a slice into her like life, which is how Jeff has built his brand throughout the years.

You can now find Jeff more active on TikTok (4 posts a day) on his talks on relationships business and personal at @JeffJCunningham and Twitter @JJCEntrepreneur he likes to attend John Legees Lunchroom there. Now working with MonsterKong Marketing, masters of SEO on vidoe, you will see New YouTube Videos every week so search  Jeff J Cunningham and hit the bell, and of course subscribe.

He wanted to be a youtuber like Jake Paul or Logan Paul when he started. Now he just wants to be a better version of himself, and make a positive impact on the world, as he always claims to, Inspire Others Always.