Jesse Palnikov Created a Business Based Off of His Passion for Photography. Now, He Has Helped Numerous Real Estate Businesses With Their Marketing.

Jesse Palnikov Created a Business Based Off of His Passion for Photography. Now, He Has Helped Numerous Real Estate Businesses With Their Marketing.

One talent that you become very good at can be applied across numerous job landscapes. For Jesse Palnikov, his love for photography was what helped him succeed across the business world. From a young age, he was obsessed with photography and taking photos, but it was only when he grew up that he realized the impact and importance it could have on many people’s lives.

“As a young kid I played around with the family camera and created little video skits with my younger brother. As I grew older, I became more fascinated with video and photography and actively created videos for my church and various groups. When I met my wife, I was broke as a joke and couldn’t afford fancy restaurants or dates so we dusted off my camera and visited state and national parks and other attractive locations. After a while, I came to the conclusion that I actually had a knack for photography and figured that other people could benefit from it! At first, I did family portrait sessions, headshots, and weddings but as I continued this business, I realized that I could apply my skill set to the corporate world as well. I attacked the real estate industry with fervent determination in 2017 and have been doing it ever since!” Jesse recounts.

Jesse now owns a media marketing business that focuses on helping the real estate industry. His company offers a wide variety of services to help build a marketing base for companies. He details more below:

“We assist Northern California realtors in building their brands, improving their image, and successfully selling their listings with the use of photos, videos, virtual 3D tours, graphic design, social media and website development. Aside from real estate, we also focus our attention on small-medium businesses and corporations that are looking to improve their image and marketing efforts. We stand out amongst our competitors by focusing our attention to micro-level details and providing a professional quality of service. We have heard time and again how our clients regretfully used someone else prior to us but were thrilled when they hired us and we helped them successfully reach their marketing goals,” Jesse explains.

However, despite having an incredible skillset to build on and the right market to do it with, Jesse still had many obstacles to overcome. His biggest challenge was finding the right people to work with to make his dream a possibility. He had to learn to surround himself with the right people who would help him reach his goals.

“One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome is finding out how to hire the right people for the right job. People are the biggest resource in any business and if your resources are depreciating or stagnant, the business will suffer. The way I was able to overcome this obstacle was by focusing more on the long-term goal than the short-term need of finding affordable labor. I had to change the way I interviewed and change the way I hired people,” Jesse says.

Finding the right team has made Jesse a star in the marketing world. He and his business still have many big things planned for the future. His biggest upcoming project this year is to expand into the digital marketing sphere.

“It is my goal to expand into the digital marketing sphere and provide data-driven solutions to businesses interested in growing their online presence. In January of 2022, I started a new business called Clever Eye Marketing and it is my goal to implement web design, web development, SEO, and other marketing strategies for clients who are serious about gaining online business. Meanwhile, I’m still managing Legacy Images and am expanding our media services to the construction industry, short-term rental industry, and the architectural design industry across the United States,” Jesse details.

To find out more about Jesse, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here. And to learn more about Clever Eye Marketing, check out their website here and instagram here.