Karen Osorio Is An Experienced Colombian Journalist With More Than 18 Years Of Experience. Now, She Is In The United States Ready To Take On Important Professional Challenges!

Karen Osorio Is An Experienced Colombian Journalist With More Than 18 Years Of Experience. Now, She Is In The United States Ready To Take On Important Professional Challenges!

We, as humans, share a fundamental need: the need to have information. Since the time of our ancestors, the need for information has separated us from other animals. The media is rightly termed as the fourth pillar of the state. For the evolution of any society, the role of the media, in general, and journalism, in particular, is vital.

In fact, journalism is very important in our world. It was important in the past and it is still very important now. Without journalism, the world would be ignorant. Journalism is essential because it gives current and relevant information and news to the public. 

In that sense, Karlen Marlen Osorio is an experienced Colombian journalist with over 18 years of experience in the media, who recently arrived in the USA in order to take on important challenges in the country of opportunities. She is, without a doubt, an extraordinary talent who has been dedicated to communication and positively impacting society for years.

She has been nominated for the TV and Novelas Awards and the India Catalina Awards. She was also chosen as “Person of the Week” in 2017, from one of the most important radio networks in Colombia: Caracol Radio and winner in 2021 of the Colombian Digital Journalism Award for “Best Content Creator in Social Networks” for her digital project “Facts and Destinations “, awarded by KienYKe Magazine.

Karen is a versatile journalist who speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. She is passionate about travel and communication, fields in which she has been developing for many years.

She began her career at the age of 10 as a children’s show host. Over time and thanks to her discipline and talent, she came to work in well-known television programs on famous channels such as Telecaribe and Caracol International. What’s more, she has also been a presenter on stations such as RCN Radio, La Voz de la Costa, Radio Libertad and many others!

I am currently the host of the travel show El Trip, broadcast by Caracol Internacional and on digital platforms. I am also a columnist for the Miradas USA magazine, and founder of the hair care line Colombian NEF by Karen Osorio”, Karen shares.

She manages to stand out from the crowd with her great skills in improvisation, the handling of 4 languages and her experience in the media since 2004. All this allows her  to understand the operation of television and the new communication platforms, and to always be ready to take on all the professional challenges that come her way!

But of course, not everything has been easy on Karen’s journey. One of the most difficult challenges she has faced was growing up in front of a television screen, always surrounded by adults. Being very young, she already knew what it was like to work under pressure, meet schedules and what it was like to cope in a stressful work environment.

“It was not easy at all and I know that it would not have been possible to achieve it without the full-time accompaniment of my mother, who never left me alone in the process. Most of the children of my age had a different mentality at that time: they thought about resting or playing, but I just wanted to have a microphone and be able to address all the people who watched my shows”, she adds.

In addition, she advises everyone who is planning to start a career in the media: “do not compare yourself to anyone. Failure is almost guaranteed for those who compare themselves with others because everyone is walking at a different speed. The important thing on this path is not to go back or stop. I’m pretty sure that there are opportunities for everyone and that over time, with hard work and discipline, everyone who sets their minds can achieve them.”

Despite all the work that she has already done, Karen isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. She describe her next steps below:

“A few months ago I arrived in the state of California and I have been fortunate enough to visit beautiful destinations and live great experiences that I think deserve more exposure. Therefore, taking advantage of my extensive experience in communications, the marketing and the tourism sector, this 2023 I will launch a digital magazine multi-platform. Using the tools offered by the new forms of communication and devising creative strategies, I want to help develop the tourism potential of these “hidden gems”, which are little-known destinations. I will also launch two new products in my hair care line in Colombia, which is being a complete success in my country!”

Without a doubt, Karen’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to journalists, but to all of us! To find out more about her, check out her Instagram page here.