Know the Story of Rosaine Quintana and Brickellashes, One of the Most Popular Lash Studio in the Miami Area.

Know the Story of Rosaine Quintana and Brickellashes, One of the Most Popular Lash Studio in the Miami Area.

Rosaine Quintana is an entrepreneur and determined woman. She is the founder of Brickellashes, a lash studio in Miami. But that is not all. Rosaine decided to go one step further, they’re also an academy and offer private and group training courses for all those interested in learning about the world of eyelash extensions.

But not everything was always like that at the beginning. Rosaine is a Cuban who came to the United States at the age of 13 and, at that time, she wanted to be a psychologist. But life had other plans for her. After two years of college she was facing difficult challenges, such as struggling with the English language and not having enough money to pay for it , so she decided to change her path and follow her true passion. And this change was what allowed her to be the successful and entrepreneurial woman that she is today.

As she had always liked everything related to beauty, she decided to embark on a path that will lead her there. Therefore, in 2017, she took her first lash extensions course, which was a complete disaster. Thanks to this bad experience, she was filled with the strength to continue and understand that things could be done better.

“I wanted to put an end to the myth that extensions mistreat natural eyelashes, my approach is to take care of natural eyelashes, I have so many happy clients after performing services with me that motivates me to be better every day”, she explains.

Then, the process of learning and working hard started. After investing a lot of money in knowledge and training, Rosaine started working in a small space in the living room of her house. Due to the quick success of her work, soon she was able to rent an office space. She remembers that her first studio only fit very little furniture, but that didn’t stop her. She later had another larger studio, and so she grew until she became what she is today.

“Now I am living the American dream, and also with Brickellashes I help many women not only through beauty but also by educating them to start their own business in the eyelash industry”, Rosaine adds.

Now, Brickellashes is one of the most popular lash studios in Miami. Originally created with the goal of “changing the vision of lashes extensions”, it is now highly successful and has thousands of customers. This happens because they meet customer needs and all their treatments and products are medically approved.

Of course, the road was not always easy. Building a successful business requires discipline, planning, and perseverance. Rosaline believes that one of the biggest obstacles faced by entrepreneurs who want to start a business is the lack of knowledge and capital. That is why she started little by little, first investing in as much knowledge as possible in order to guarantee a top quality service. And that is precisely what Brickellashes offer.

“I differentiate myself from others because of the passion that I put into everything I do, each product, training and service, is a commitment to provide the highest quality in the industry”, she mentioned.

Her next plans include to launch a worldwide online training, so she can take her knowledge to all parts of the world. Without borders. She always strives for perfection and furthering her extensive expertise. Learn more about Brickellashes and book your next appointment here.